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Car Donation Why Donating Your Used Car is a Good Choice

Donald Martin

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Car Donation is a good thing because -

The idea of car donation has really spread to the Charitable organizations as a method of receiving money for their causes. There are charities that have been around for over 50 years that are into the Car Donation system. Lets Examine one of their tag lines. . .

"It gave you the best years of its life. . . Sure, it needed a tune-up every year, new tires, the occasional battery and roadside service, but your car was there for you. Why not do something really special now that your car is in its twilight years and donate it. From classic and antique autos to salvage automobiles, your donated car may earn you a tax deduction, and it will help us make a difference in the lives of others. "

So lets look at the core things that Card Donation does for you and for the Charity. . .

What does it do for you?

  • First it get that used car off your hands that has filled its need in your life.
  • It becomes a Charitable donation (Tax Write off)
  • Enables you to donate to a Charity without expending Cash

What Does it Do for the Charity?

  • Provides them with the ability to help their represented need group
  • Provides another avenue of fund raising

Charities can use your donation in a number of different ways. . .

  • Sell it cheap to a Family in Need
  • Give it free to a Family in Need
  • Raise Funds by the sale of your donation
  • Raise funds from the raw materials from your donation (salvage non working cars)

So as you can see Charities have turned to car donation as it has helped them continue to meet their objectives of helping out the community at large.

For more information on Car Donations or The Tax Benefit of Donating your Used Car click here Car Donation Info

Donald Martin


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Things to Understand When Donating a Car
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