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Funds For Non Profits Three More Insider Tips For Rapid Fundraising Success


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You and your team have been working hard at raising funds for your non-profit organization all year long, but you still are far from your goal. And the need is great. What to do? Everybody applauds the worthiness of your cause, but that doesn't pay your bills. It's time for a new approach. Read on for three powerful strategies for turbo-charging your fundraising efforts.

1. Take the Team Approach.

Fundraising and development takes the entire team of your organization to be successful. Make sure everyone in your organization - from the Board Chair to the monthly volunteers who do the filing understand that they are essential to your fundraising team. Conduct regular fundraising training targeted at different groups in your organization.

2. Believe You Can Raise Money for Your Organization.

Before you can raise the funds your organization needs, you must believe that you can. Part of that is staying connected to the reason why you are raising funds in the first place. Make sure you spend time with the clients your organization serves. By staying connected, you will become a champion for your organization and others will want to join you (financially) in its success!

3. Treat Your Donors Right.

Donor Recognition programs, as they are called, are extremely important. These can include making sure you have a process to write thank you notes and emails when someone makes a donation, and ensuring that people who donate at a certain level receive a personal call from the Executive Director or CEO. They also can include a monthly or quarterly newsletter that does NOT ask donors for more money. Make your donors feel valued and appreciated in any way you can.

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Fundraising Success Know Your Donors!
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