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Power Fundraising For Non Profits Five Keys to Rapid Fundraising Success


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Fundraising is a big challenge, one that non-profit organizations, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), and other charitable organizations all have in common.

And all those money woes are not for lack of ideas and efforts. After all, fundraising ideas are as varied as they come - from candy bar sales to high-priced auctions. In fact, especially in challenging economic times, organizations are constantly looking for the “magic [fundraising] bullet. " Regardless of the specific fundraising vehicle you may use, there are some principles that, if followed, can significantly increase your fundraising success.

1. Individual donors RULE.

Individuals are still the largest source of philanthropic giving in the U. S. In fact, individuals are responsible for over 82% of all contributions, according to Giving USA 2008.

What does that mean for you? Review your current individual donor database. Determine the demographics of your current donors - age, education level, income level, gender, etc. Then, create a plan to reach more of those donors with a message that connects with them.

2. Foundations and Corporations can provide a great source of non-profit grants and funding.

Corporate giving increased by 5.6% in 2007, according to a study by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy. So, there's more money out there than at any other time in history.

The key is who to approach and how to approach them. Look for foundations and corporations that have already given to a cause or organization similar to yours - especially in your local community. And, when you approach them, make sure you clearly articulate the benefits for THEM.

3. Partnerships with Individuals, Corporations & other Non-Profits expand what is possible in fundraising.

Partnerships (also known as Joint Ventures) benefit all parties involved. In the past, non-profit organizations have generally approached fundraising with a myopic view. They acted as if they believed they should be the only ones to benefit. In fact, they may have actually believed that.

However, opportunities to raise funds increase when we become more inclusive and collaborative. For example, consider approaching another nonprofit organization in your community about co-hosting a fundraising event. Think of fundraising as a win-win proposition.

4. Online Giving Capabilities are a must!

As you likely know, one of the first credibility-builders today is your organization's website. And, whether people donate online or not, you look more credible if you are able to accept donations online. Plus, you can create specific email and online campaigns to increase online giving for virtually no additional cost once you have your infrastructure in place.

Some great resources for accepting online donations include and

5. You must believe in your own success first.

Your mindset is key in achieving any fundraising goal. You must actually believe that you can raise the amount of money your organization needs. And, you must be fully committed to your cause.

Make sure you stay connected to the reason why you are raising the funds in the first place. Spend time with the clients you serve. That way, you will remain a true champion of your organization. And, your infectious enthusiasm will compel others to join you in supporting your cause.

Want more tips and strategies for raising funds fast? Check out this Free Report on 7 secrets of fast fund-raising at and meet Kristy J. Hall, the innovative creator of a cutting-edge audio and video training series that helps non-profits raise funds within 30 days or less.


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Fundraising Projects - Creativity is the Key to Success
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