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Bette Daoust, Ph.D.

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As a consultant and entrepreneur, I have joined associations, leads groups, Chambers of Commerce, and even a few non-profits. All of those organizations are ideal for networking and obtaining great business. However, each of these venues will not guarantee you leads, especially hot leads.

Chambers will refer business when asked but will not actively chase those leads on your behalf. You have to look after that for yourself. You are still responsible for finding the list of prospects to call, making those phone calls and finding the right script to use to gain attention. You may even send out mailers, emails, and invitations. It all seems like a lot of work just to get one client. The truth of the matter is that it IS a lot of work and effort. Sometimes the rewards a phenomenal and sometimes they are lukewarm.

What would you think if you found a group that would actively, that is, ACTIVELY seeks leads for each member of the group? I found such a group today that does such a thing. The fees are low ($90 for three months), buy your own meal, and an expectation to attend the meetings once every two weeks. Not bad! They have a service that uses a database, telemarketing component, and a give away program to keep in touch with the suspect (potential client).

Did you know that you can do this for your association, group, or Chamber? The person that has started these groups is willing to share the technology and methodology to anyone that wants to do their own. The one main thing is that groups are only 10 people each and their businesses must mesh for cross referrals. I particularly like the tracking of leads and the jobs everyone gets from the methods used.

Bette Daoust, Ph. D. is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and speaks about business development issues for businesses of all sizes. She has spoken for non-profit organizations, associations and large enterprizes. Her companies include and .
She has developed a Credit Repair Kit to help business and individuals get control of their financial life and make the best of their money.
Dr. Daoust helps businesses move towards their full potential by planning and executing business, marketing, and PR plans. You can contact Bette through any of her websites.


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Business Mastermind Groups, the Forgotten Powerful Business Strategy
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