How to Build a Successful Referral & Residual Business


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When it comes to building a Successful Referral & Residual Business, there is no need for a long drawn out and elaborate plan. Of all Marketing & Business concepts, Referral Marketing is the most successful, easiest and least painful form of marketing, especially for the NON-Salesperson! It is so successful, that even professional sales people use it!

We broke it down into 4 easy to follow steps!

FIRST: Sit down and make a list of everybody you know. It doesn't matter where they live, what they do for a living, if they are married, divorced, happy or sad, young or old.

Don't worry if you think they need additional income or not! Don't pre-judge and make up the other persons mind before they have a chance to hear what your saying. You'll be amazed at the people who are interested in a 2nd income, yes, even those that you thought would never be interested in a million years can benefit from a 2nd Income!

SECOND: Don't wait, call them! Why deny them the Income Opportunity of a lifetime! Besides, if you don't tell them, somebody else will and you will have missed a great opportunity! And believe me, there is no point in kicking yourself after that boat has sailed.

THIRD: Have your basic script ready and know what you're going to say. Jot down the main points of your program on a piece of paper so you won’t get lost during the conversation. Read over the company website and learn the benefits of the program or product you want to share. Remember this, what ever Income Opportunity you have, it is not the only Income Opportunity out there. However, your program or product is the “Best” you found & you want to share it with a friend. That’s key: You are sharing it with a friend! Referral Programs can be very profitable and virtually any adult living in the United States, is a prospect.

FORTH: Last step, have your friend / potential customer, read over the programs website with you. Don’t leave them dangling out there by themselves! Most people are NOT familiar with the concepts of Referral Marketing. When they hear the words MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or Home Based Business, they think pyramid or scam. While there are a few bizarre & illegal programs floating around, there are also many legal, successful and very profitable programs also!

If your program has a Testimonial Hotline or Over-view number to call, do a 3-way phone conversation with them. Lead them to the water! Show them how easy it is to drink and then ask them if they see an opportunity for themselves! By doing it this way, you can answer questions or concerns they may have about your Income Opportunity program. Most likely, they will have a few questions about how to generate Referral Business or how to work a Network Marketing program. Be there so you can help answer them.

A TRUE REFERRAL BUSINESS: Business is about relationships! It is about People Telling People and Friends Telling Friends. It's about going through your network of the people you know. Not selling, but telling your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers about a great residual business income opportunity!

What else can we say?
Nothing really. Building residual business is not hard but it can take a little time. If you try it, give yourself a few months to see if it is a good fit. If you don't like it, you can always quit. All it cost was a little time and some money.

If you try it and love it, you'll stay in the program and in a short time, you'll be telling everybody you meet about this great Residual Income Business Opportunity that requires No Selling! Bottom line: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.







You have to admit, even if you are a shy person, that's fairly easy don't you think?

About the author: Robert Vilardi former VP for Specialty charge of 27 operations, has sold and taught marketing with annual sales in excess of $125 million. Owner of multiple companies, Mr. Vilardi also holds a Florida Realtors License, teaches Ethics for the Pasco Board of Realtors and is the Vice Chairman of their education committee. A follower & true believer in the power of Referral & Network Marketing, his companies, Freedom Voicemail, International Greeting Cards & ABM - American Bill Money, continue to grow residual income by using Referral & Network Marketing. Mr. Vilardi can be reached at


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How to Build a Successful Online Business
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