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Baby Boomer Women Know Everything About Networking Do We?


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Networking has been part of our vocabulary and life view during our entire career pursuit. No matter what field we chose, corporate SuperWoman or Super Stay-at-Home Mom, we have known that networking was an essential element in getting the things done that we needed.

Maturity now moves us into a different level of activity and networking. Some of us are retiring and trying to make the connections with different services that we're beginning to use that we never thought much about before.

Others are changing careers or facets or our careers. We're meeting and working with people who used to work for us, but the relationship has swapped ends so we work for them.

These situations make me break out in a sweat. . . nothing to do with hot flashes. Maybe they do the same thing to you.
  • Will I say the right thing?
  • Will I go to the right place?
  • Will I choke up at the last minute?
  • Will they like me?

Pretty soon, it just seems that the whole thing is suffocating and destructive and I would just rather stay at home. Has that feeling ever been a challenge for you?

I found a great ebook, Non-Toxic Networking by Jennifer Gniadecki that speaks to those terrors and concerns exactly the way I needed to see.

The title alone clues us into the point that we are not alone. Someone else has already traveled down this stress filled trail and come out at the other side. As mature, experienced, Baby Boomer Women, we can do the same thing and better. The easy techniques for networking successfully that Jenn writes out for us will be another ‘ah-ha’ moment and we will be wondering why we didn't think of it.

Jenn didn't ‘think’ of it; she lived it and took notes.

  • She said the wrong thing,
  • she went to the wrong place, she wore the wrong outfit,
  • she choked up at the last minute and even more!

Jenn tracks her networking survival experience with aplomb and humor that will keep even a seasoned Baby Boomer networking woman reading.

Sure, we could do the same thing. We could just stumble and bumble along, taking notes of our scratches and bruises. Or, we can wake up to the fact that we don't have that kind of time. We can take advantage of the lessons learned by another woman, apply her techniques and move from the poisonous swamps of poor networking plans to the sweet fields of success. We can add Non-toxic Networking to our toolbox whether for business or personal connection.

JudyAnn Lorenz here writing about the beauty issues for Baby Boomer Women. Get more of my information for beauty and lifestyle options available to mature women. . . Baby Boomer Beauty. . . especially Non-Toxic Networking at my website Click on Valuable Resources.


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