Networking: Some Basic Tips to Improve Your Career

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Everyone is always talking about “networking” - you see people all the time who got jobs that you don’t think they’re the best person for, or you watch people pass over you because they’ve got the right friends. Networking is something everyone needs to be actively doing to advance their career - it’s actually much easier than you’d think, and it’s all about planting seeds for the future.

The basics of networking are simple. If you know how to talk to people and don’t have problems with social interaction, all you have to do is make friends. You don’t have to be the closest friend of somebody to gain benefits from their friendship - you just need to be an acquaintance, someone they can call on if they need something.

Favors are the basis for networking - you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. You should always be ready to do a favor for someone where it doesn’t hurt you. If it just takes up some of your time, it’s well worth it - the whole point of a favor is that it benefits the person receiving it much more than it hurts the person giving it.

That little bit of time can mean that the other person is much more willing to help you out in the future. The making friends part is easy as well - just go join local organizations. They don’t even have to be related to your business - any social club where local business people meet will do. The Rotary Club, your local church, a political group - pick something you’re interested in, and be active in it. Join committees, and do things that will require you to meet regularly with other people - you’ll make friends with them, and they’ll be likely to help you out in the future in business if you need it. A good network of friends can get you a job, find you new business, or any number of other things.

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Effective Business Networking: 5 Tips For Mastering The Art of Networking
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