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Many of you have asked me how to make new contacts to sell your products and services. As always, I have told you the very best way to meet new business contacts is to network, network, network. Of course we are excited about showing you 100's of different ways to network every day to generate business leads, but now I am also very pleased to tell you about virtual versions of a referral network!

What you need to know about the new virtual referral groups:

A virtual network is like any other network or leads group, but we meet and communicate through the Internet instead of meeting at a restaurant for our meetings.

We use a revolutionary service called voice conference rooms that allow us to meet online, share our business web sites, live voice conversations and give and receive referrals. We can even record the meetings for members who cannot attend.

This system also gives you a reason to contact virtually every business in your city to make new contacts and new friends. I'll explain more about that in a minute.

How to join our referral group:

Networking groups usually accept one representative from each zip code for respective business type - e. g. banker, car salesperson, financial consultant.

What virtual referral groups do:

We meet 1-3 times per week through our virtual office here on the Internet. Once in the room we learn about each other, our businesses, what type of leads we need for our business, and most importantly, we exchange leads with all the members.

Here are the specific steps each meeting will take.

1. Interested parties log into the community room that represents their zip code. The goal is to have one person present from every industry. For example, each group will have one accountant, one web site developer, one insurance agent, one tax advisor, one carpet sales company, etc. That way, we have up to 35 different businesses represented.

2. The meeting is called to order.

3. New members are introduced and welcomed.

4. An informal networking period allows member to “Mill about the room, " and meet the other members of the group for networking purposes. This lasts 10 minutes.

5. Each person takes a turn to stand up (takes control of the microphone and web browser) and talk about his/her business for 1-5 minutes. The speaker can show a power point presentation or even take all member to their web page to show off products or services or sign members up for a free newsletter or whatever.

6. New members have an opportunity to talk about their business, and what type of business referrals they desire for their business.

7. Each person gives their referrals to other members for the day.

8. A guest speaker talks about his topic of expertise. This could be his business or a presentation on how to increase business or other business related topics.

Again, presentations can be a voice presentation, a voice presentation with visits to web pages on the Internet, or even power point presentations.

9. A question and answer session about the virtual referral network is offered.

10. The next meeting is scheduled.

11. The meeting is adjourned until the next meeting is called.

What you need to participate:

- Access to the Internet.
- Speakers to listen to the meeting.
- A microphone to talk to the rest of the members.

Again, in addition to the convenience of meeting from your home or office computer, you will:

Save time.
Save gas to travel.
Save expense of a meal.
Save the tip for the meal at the meeting.
Be able to be as casual as you like. Best of all, because everyone saves the time of traveling, you can spend more time talking about your respective business, how to build more paying business for your businesses, and to make more referrals

My best business ideas to you, John Davin

Copyright (C) 2005 John Davin All rights reserved

About the author:

John Davin is a home based author and business consultant. You can reach him at his web site, for his books and online business seminars.


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