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Business Networking Techniques - 6 Networking Types You Don't Want to Become

Lynda Goldman

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Have you ever been to a networking event and met people who make a poor impression? Some people try too hard. Some people hardly try at all. And some people just don't get it - they have no idea how to network for business, or the impression they make.

Here are some networking behaviors that make a poor impression. Don't send the message that:

1. I'm the greatest. These people just can't wait to talk about their own business. They never stop long enough to find out if you actually have any need or interest in their service. They want to be the center of attention, and get bored when anyone else talks. They show little genuine interest in others. Don't count on getting any business from this person.

2. I'd rather be talking to someone else: People who look over your shoulder are really giving you the cold shoulder. Their lack of interest is apparent. They can't wait to meet the next person, who may be more interesting than you.

3. I'm working the room at top speed: These people are in a big rush to meet as many people as they can. They smile without really looking at you. They ask questions without listening for the answers. They burn holes in the carpet racing from one person to another, talking to everyone without really connecting to anyone.

4. I'm here for the free booze. The liquor is flowing, but people who take advantage of it can damage their business. Customers notice their unprofessional behavior, and they can miss out on business opportunities and sales.

5. I'm too sexy for my clothes: Party clothes are different from business clothes. Anything skin-tight, sheer or too low cut is inappropriate. Remember, this is business. Save your party clothes for your friends.

6. I'm holding up the wall: Wallflowers eat and drink with their buddies and then leave. They never make the effort to meet anyone new.

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From Lynda Goldman, author of How to Make a Million Dollar First Impression


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Entrepreneur Networking - 5 Steps to Networking Success
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