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The Best Product Your Company Offers Is You

Lisa Young

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Forget about the latest and greatest body cream, scented candle or wonder drug. Your company's best and most distinctive product is YOU. That's the truth. Your customers can go ANYWHERE else and buy a candle, body cream or wonder drug - unless you're the only rep in your company.

You have to convince your customers that they want YOU above and beyond anything else your company has to offer.

That's your unique selling proposition (USP).

It's always a compliment to me when I hear a customer say “I was at another of these parties last week, but it was another lady doing the presentation, so I waited until tonight to buy from you. " I almost always give them an extra gift for making a purchase that night.

Think about it.

They've told me that they had ample opportunity to buy the very same products at another party, but instead they chose to do business with me. Why? The products are the same, aren't they? They come out of the same catalog, don't they? They're priced the same, aren't they?

If she had said “I waited to order from this show so my friend could get the credit", then I would say she likes tonight's hostess more than her other friend. But she specifically said “to buy from YOU". What a compliment! When I asked her why, here's what she told me:

"I had so much fun at the last party. You were easy to get along with, very helpful and you know a lot about the products. If I had a question you could answer it. That other girl didn't know what she was doing, and maybe she was new, but you were just so helpful and fun. "

I am helpful and fun. Don't tell that to my kids, they won't believe you. But helpful and fun sets me apart in the field of reps in our business. My customers know they can count on me to help them. I don't just tell them that, I show them that every chance I get. Is my hostess having a birthday? I bring a small cake. Did my hostess’ sister just book a party? I try to learn something about the sister before her party so I can do something unique that I know she'll like. Set yourself apart and be memorable in a good way.

Your task is to find out what makes you the best product your company has to offer. Then act accordingly. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kinds of comments do I hear from my customers and hostesses about my demonstration? If you're not hearing any, it's not very memorable.
  • What kinds of comments do I hear about the products? How can I add that to my demonstration?
  • How do my hostesses react when I arrive at their door? Are they excited to see me?
  • How do my repeat customers react when the see me at another party? Do I even have repeat customers?
  • What am I doing at every show that's memorable that they can't get from anyone else in my company?

That's a good place to start. If you're feeling brave, ask your best hostesses or customers those questions and brace yourself for the answer.

You can't grow if you don't know.

Once a year I ask my best hostesses over to my home for a hostess appreciation event. I learn a lot by what they say when they come, but I also learn a lot by what they say if they can't come. Any hostess that doesn't call me back to RSVP tells me that I wasn't memorable enough in their minds to even warrant a phone call. Hostesses that call and say they can't attend usually have some HUGE reason why they can't be there - family function, funeral, etc. They are very apologetic and usually book a party as a means of “making up" for not being there.

Most hostesses, though, do come to my party, with eager anticipation, and when they're there, I give them a survey to complete. I want to know exactly what they thought of me over the course of the year. Did I improve? Do they like my demo? What can I do even better? What would they like to see differently? And believe me, I use every bit of that information to my advantage.

Take the time now to get to know you.

Once you know what you have to offer your hosts and customers, you'll be better prepared to show it off at every party. Remember, you are the one product they see and experience during the entire show.

Don't you want it to be memorable?

This is an excerpt from Lisa Young's book, Home Party Solution. After nearly 10 years in Direct Sales, Lisa Young stopped listening to her up-line and started seeking professional sales and marketing wisdom from the far corners of big business. Today Lisa offers ready-to-use insights, tips and inspiration to others in the Home Party Plan community looking to run their business like a business and achieve success. Lisa's free monthly newsletter “PartyOn!" features articles from a business perspective designed to help home party reps reach their booking, sales and recruiting goals. You can sign up for the newsletter at


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