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1. They influence your luck

It has been wisely said that a man is known by the company he keeps. By observing the friendly circle of a person we can tell about his character and traits. If you move with the drunkards you will get their habits and start drinking. If you move with the poets you will soon develop a way of thinking like theirs. And if you move with the rich and powerful you will soon learn from them the art of becoming rich and powerful. Rich or powerful people are the parts of the same coin. If a person has a lot of wealth he is also powerful. And a person who has political power mostly has a lot of cash. In the company of such persons you get more opportunities in life and you will be more lucky.

2. They bring business for you

The person who moves with the rich and the powerful can never remain poor. New opportunities always enter his life. By associating with them he associates with new and lucky breaks. One of my students Ranjan Kumar was running his own manufacturing plant having an annual turnover of more than rupees twenty five lakh. A few years ago he was in deep financial trouble - with a bank loan of rupees seventeen lakh and workshop without much work. He had struck friendship with a person whose father was chief engineer in a famous car manufacturing company in Gurgaon. Soon he got a good manufacturing order from that big car manufacturing company. It established his business and soon he became financially very sound. Czar of Indian business Dhirubhai Ambani was famous for his good political links which helped him rise in business very fast. In 1995 my cousin Saravpreet wanted to start his own business in London. He didn’t have to borrow money from banks or financial institutions on interest. Moreover it was difficult for him as he neither paid income tax nor had any property. But during his two years of stay in London he had cultivated a large circle of influential friends. He collected about one lakh pounds just in fifteen days from his friends and started a construction company. And due to great links he never faced any dearth of business.

3. Social forces never crush you

For a common man it is not easy to make good progress in life even if he has talent and works day and night. Various social forces (most of the times negative) are ready to crush him at every turn. He has to pay several taxes, give rent, grease the palms of many greedy officials or inspectors of various departments, fill the belly of some criminals or mafia (if entangled), spend money to follow the norms of the society, fulfil the demands of several kith and kin. Many disheartened businessmen have to close their business, many lovers have to abandon their sweethearts, many young persons have to change the course of their career just to avoid clash with the various social forces. Many persons ruin their future under the crushing waves of these forces. But a person with rich and powerful friends can easily overcome these forces and moves confidently in the society.

4. They boost your self image and confidence

Rich and powerful persons have much stronger self-image and more confidence comparing to other men or women of the society. Their pockets are fat and they can influence events. By mixing with them you become the same improving your self-image and gaining in confidence. You are self-assured that people are there to take care of you in hour of trouble. Your personality improves to great extent. Your walk becomes the walk of a winner.

5. How to make such friends

Many readers may be having a desire to make rich and powerful friends in the society but they don’t know how to proceed successfully. It is easy. Take the following steps and you will never lack satisfactory circle of influential friends.

a) Maintain A list of contacts

Your first need is to maintain a list of contacts and potential friends. You have to revise this list every three months. Delete contacts which are no longer necessary. Add new persons to your contacts list regularly. Don’t forget to update addresses and phone numbers.

b) Send them greetings and gifts

Everybody wants to get greetings and gifts. Most of the people use this easy method to maintain friendship and relationship in their life.

c) Invite them in your functions

Holding functions at regular intervals is a good strategy to make progress in life. It is the best method to maintain your social contacts and renew them. Carefully make the final list of the invitees. Continue adding new persons in your contact list. Never call all and Sundry to waste time and money. Mainly those persons should be invited who can boost your self-image and career.

d) Ask their help in time of need

Friends are not made to keep in the showcase of your life. Friends are their to exchange views, discuss on various things, help to solve problems and make life a beautiful journey. Whenever you think you need the help of your friend you must ask without hesitation.

e) Change your life style

If you want to make progress you need to be somewhat showy. It will be very helpful in establishing the relationship with the persons you need. Wear good dresses, drive a nice car, keep an attractive mobile.

f) Befriend their secretaries

Secretaries of the big people help a lot to start a relationship with them. And it is very easy to befriend them. Give them gifts, send greetings, take them to good restaurants for lunch or dinner. A secretary can easily open the door of good relationship with the VIP.

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