How to Win the Heart of People


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No person in the history has yet got success without the support of other people. These people may be your family members, your friends, good contacts in different walks of life or the masses. You have to go to others to help you succeed. Success is actually a team work. Great leaders become great because they know how to make others help them to become great. No businessman can be massively successful without active support of financial institutions, the customers, the men from bureaucracy. How you can expect a writer to succeed if he is unable to influence an agent or a publisher.

The first requirement of any success is that you should have some value to give it to others and second is the support of the people who can highlight and push you ahead. And there is age-old one point formula that can help you to get the support of others: appreciate with heart.


Don’t try to copy others or force yourself to appreciate. You must proceed in life according to your own unique talent or psychological make-up. If you can’t appreciate the masses appreciate the persons who are capable enough to push you. If you can’t do that just appreciate your family members. They will do their best to find ways for you. Or simply appreciate some friends. See how enthusiastic they become to help you hit the field of your choice successfully.


Nothing is permanent and everything changes in this world. But the basic human character like the laws of Physics remain the same. For thousands of years people have been using this magic formula of appreciation in every country to gain power or get success in business, politics, social or marital relations.

You must remember that only following this law of human relations can’t guarantee you success in your ventures. You must fulfil the first condition of creating some value in your life to give to others. Only that value is exchanged with money or success.


If people (friends, family members, colleagues, commoners) try to communicate with you never ignore them. There are phone calls, letters in the letter-box, e-mails in the inbox, but many persons rarely respond. Consequently they lose customers, friends, relationships, and support of many other persons. Although it is a good policy to ignore the junk mail or useless calls but responding fast to the good ones is very necessary. Only then you can build good relations and prepare support areas.

People of modern world may respond to telephone calls but they become extremely lazy when there is a need of answering a letter or an e-mail. And they lose business. Success drifts away farther. Those companies always have better chances of success who are careful to the problems of their customers, who appreciate their customers and give importance to them. Whoever responds better to customers, whoever cares for them will get more of them even if the customers are charged more.


You must appreciate others to get support but overdose of appreciation may prove useless. Like a medicine overdose of appreciation may make people habitual of it and in some cases it may even spoil them. You may even be called a flatter. So always appreciate in a few words and only now and then to make it very effective. Such appreciation improve your image, endear you to the persons and definitely enthuse them to push you to success.

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