Make It Great With Your Very Own Elevator Speech

Phil Gerbyshak

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I've recently updated the About section of my blog, focusing on turning it into my very own elevator speech. For those who are unaware what an elevator speech is, think of a 15-30 second elevator ride with a potential client or employer. What would you say in the limited time you have? The answer is your very own elevator speech.

Read on for the Make it Great! 30 second elevator speech:

Make it Great! is not just a statement, it's a way of life. Focusing on those little things you can do on your personal journey to greatness, I challenge you to stop having a nice day and focus on finding the greatness inside of you. Learn how to unleash the power within by improving your attitude, setting goals, and many other nuances that will take your life from nice to GREAT. Great people do great things. Remember, nice guys (and gals) finish last! Don't settle for nice. . . make it great!

So what do you think? Do you want to make your own elevator speech? If so, do you need some help? Here are 2 sites for you to take a look at to help you create an elevator speech:

Your Elevator Pitch - create your 30 second elevator speech with a nice walk through, and if you're feeling extra-adventurous, submit your speech and let others rate it to see if they like it.

15 Second Pitch - for those who want to make an even quicker impression (or for those with a really short attention span), 15 second pitch will help you create a 15 second speech and will even put it on a business card for you, complete with your pictures. the link takes you right to the “15 Second Pitch Wizard" so you can make it great right away!

So create your own elevator speech today so you can be prepared for your opportunity to make it great!

Phil Gerbyshak leads a team of IT help desk professionals in Milwaukee, WI, and finds that sharing his knowledge is a crucial component in his success as a leader and as a person. Phil's personal philosophy is paraphrased from Tim Sanders’ fantastic book Love is the Killer App: “Share your knowledge, your network, and your love. The rest will follow. " Read more of Phil's ideas at


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