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Changes Are A Must


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Dare to make a change of directions. Maybe not everyday but time to time. That makes us stay young, vital and healthy.

Not that many years ago it was not ok to separate or go through a divorce but now it’s more common. Back then people stayed at their work much longer as well. If we lock at how we are living today it’s completely different. We seem to be in a more rapid pace both in our family lives and also in the professional life. In school we have to make decisions of a range of varieties. It was easier before. Then it was less options to choose from. In a world like this with lots of options I think it’s hard to make a stand.

So we have to learn to change our thoughts a bit. If you have several options make a list in the order of importance. If it is hard to choose then you can take off the things less interesting and move upward to the funniest issues. After a while you learn to divert the list even further. Ask yourself why things are important. Also how they are important. To change relationships may not always be an option. You don’t have to change just for the change. But only if it is necessary of course. Sometimes Universe is forcing us in to a change like death and traumas. It sounds hard but I think some of us are so set in our minds that it is a necessity to do that. When we are in those situations we have to stop and think.

Go back and forth in our emotions, thoughts and habits. We have to find our way out and in the midst of it we might find the path of our lives. Some people even do not like the changes and then it is even a harder lesson. How can we prevent the changes or can we do that at all? First of all I think it is important to welcome the change. The change is the most normal state in life. The more open to it we are the easier we will have to adept to it. Ask yourself about the feelings towards changes. Is it hard for you? If so ask yourself why? It might not even be your feelings it might be brought upon you via your parents. Many people carry around with their parents’ thoughts and expectations. If you find yourself do it lean back and ask yourself for your own truth. I believe it is a must to find the path and welcome the changes. Make the changes welcome, open your heart and embrace it. Life will never be the same.

What is the worse that could happen? What is the best coming out of it? Make a comparison and you will find it exciting. Go for it. Invite the change. Who knows what the result will be. At least you will not regret it when you are old. You will be proud of yourself for daring it. Dare to do something for your children. Make a stand and show them the way.

MarieLouise is working as a personal trainer and a life coach. She is also very skilled as a networker with several years experience from different MLM companies.


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Changes Are A Must
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