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Time Of My Life!


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What a difference a walk makes. Take the time every now and then to take a stroll in your city to find out new things. I found my city; Stockholm more fascinating for every year that goes by. It’s also good for the body to move.

So you get several of benefits by walking. My days during the summer are different then other seasons. I have four pillars in my company. I am working as a personal trainer since twenty years.

The companies that hire me are off training between middle of May until middle of August. My life coaching clients are fewer over the summer as well. I am also a distributor of Xango juice. That I can do all over the world and regardless of the season. The fourth pillar is writing articles and books. So what I do over the summer is planning for the rest of the year. I am also taking good care of me and my body.

Having heaps of rest, out in the fresh air every day. Seeing friends too. It’s more writing during the summer time. I like that. It keeps my mind in focus. My priorities are one hour walking and one article every day. Saturday and Sunday I take free time and do less. If it’s sunshine I am out sunbathing. We have less sun hours up north than other countries. So I have to take the opportunity to be out there.

Another thing I do is to take the computer with me and write else where. Like today and four days ahead I am in Cologne. Today when I landed it was raining. What a good start for writing. A nice, cold beer and a great King Prawn dinner finish of with writing. Be sure that the hotel has W-LAN for the computer. When I’m done writing is time for the daily walk. I have been here before and I like it. I decide when I wake up in the morning witch one to do first. Walking or writing. If it’s raining I write first and walk later when the sun is up again. That’s a nice way to work.

My work as a personal trainer is of nine months of work per year. That leaves lots of free time. I am always telling them at the companies to exercise by them selves. I don ´t know if they do but they tell me so. That’s why I choose to walk so much. I have also a training bike in my house. Because when it ´s raining too much I want to move my body anyway. It ´s a good training tool. You can train when ever you like, listen to music, watch the TV or read a book at the same time. It ´s great to train your brain too. I cover that with reading books that inspires me. Either about personal development, biography or just fiction to put the mind on ease.

I love my life. I love my work. It ´s a bless to be able to choose everyday what to do. To be able to have free time. Associate with people I like and love. Just to wake up everyday and feel healthy and happy, wow! Take the time and think over your life.

How can you approve it? How can you make everyday a winning theme? Think of your family. Are you happy with your spouse? Oops a tricky question. Are you making yourself happy, everyday in every situation? If you can’t make yourself happy how are you suppose to help other people? It ´s not to be selfish to think of yourself.

It’s a necessity. Take care of yourself first just like in the aeroplane. The air hostess tells us to put the oxygen mask on our selves first then your baby. Think about that. So enjoy life and have fun! See you out there with a big, happy smile. Because you are worth it and so am I.

MarieLouise is working as a personal trainer and a life coach. She is also very skilled as a networker with several years experience from different MLM companies.


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