Who is Going to Drive in the Most Cash with Internet Explosion for 2006-2010

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There are logical and essential realities taking place on the Internet highway “today".

According to the CIA World Fact Book there is going to be over 2 billion people on the Internet by 2010. Today there are just about 1 billion. What took 20 years to get here will now take only the next 4 to double in size.

Today, people are seeing an endless array of products and opportunities hitting them at staggering levels like no other time in history. The name of the game here “on a strategic level" is to be fully engaged with the bigger picture strategies rather than getting left behind with the details.

The average person is learning faster than anytime in history (keep in mind. . the average people are 90+ of the marketplace), they are able to make wiser choices and are easily able to identify what is honest and what is not, better than ever before and will continue to get better very fast.

If you carefully review the world’s top experts on the Internet highway who are driving in the most money, they are the ones who are fully aware of the fact that those who are able to master the art of establishing higher degrees of trust with their audiences will, in fact, be the ones who dominate at the highest levels.

When you look carefully at this real world phenomenon taking place right now as to the actual Psychological impacts the world’s best are now integrating into their business models. . . as far as establishing this strategic trust barrier. . . It starts to become almost scientific in it's approach.

Because you see, the world's best marketing strategist, for example; Seeking to position themselves at levels that zero in on mastering the purity issue. Asking themselves, in their minds eye, “How can I create an image of my product that feels real?"

This fascinating positioning game is unfolding right now as we approach 2006. For example, there is a new course that came out called “The Rich Jerk" that teaches inside tricks of how to dominate on the internet. Yes, it seems silly (as to the name) but why is their website “that's selling the course" driving in staggering profits? Why? Because it does a few things. A- It takes on the posture with its image, representing a 1970's look and feel. B- It then takes on the posture of being totally real. The timing as to this approach is nailed to a tee. Even the great Gary Halbert recently wrote about why it's doing so well. Gary wrote that it's doing well because it is real.

Another example of a person who is positioning himself strategically to dominate as we approach 2 billion Internet users is Mark Joyner. His new book, “The Irresistible Offer", just hit the shelves and is flying out the door almost faster than any book in history.

What Mark did with his book strategically is brilliant. His front cover of the book takes on a 1950's look. The fonts on the front cover give off the impression at first glance that you feel trust because of the fact that the 1950's image is an image that stimulates trust of course.

In Mark’s book, he also takes on strategic positioning right off the bat where he is speaking from a position of sound proven methods that have been tested and proven to really work. He also (which I have never seen at this level prior) makes the beginning of the first few chapters so simple and easy to read that this alone gives a feeling of ease. That again triggers trust.

The name of the game for those that are seeking to profit nicely over the next few years as we approach this Internet explosion globally is to formulate not only an image that embodies trust but also your message must embody higher levels of strategy on the copywriting side.

Once again, when you look carefully at the world’s top earners, you see Best Selling author and online marketing genius Joe Vitale digging deeper than ever into old school methods from classical masters of copywriting such as Claude Hopkins, John Caples and Robert Collier.

This is not only Joe by the way. . . you see Internet marketing “wiz kid" Yanik Silver who recently created his image for his up and coming major seminar that captures the Austin Powers look and feel.

Those who are aware of the “power trust” games taking place right now globally and work with partners that not only understand this but also embrace it at levels where you are taking action as to formulating your systems, newsletters, websites, articles and more, “embracing the trust factors" will make a fortune over the next few years. (Just as long as you also have a product or opportunity that has mass appeal).

Old school copywriting and image strategies masterfully blended in with new technologies, formulate the dominate strategy for the 21st century.

Manny C. Lourenco's current project “Coastal Vacations" is shocking experts of all walks of life because his partners are applying battle tested, proven methods that have his current partners driving in $5,000.00 to over $100,000.00+ per month after just 7 days and is growing, non stop.

For more information and also a cd mailed to your front door, at no charge to you, that outlines exactly how to drive in unlimited business, simply go to his main site. http://www.energyteam.ws


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