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So you joined Ryze thinking that there would be opportunities knocking around every corner? And yet every time you unleash your best sales pitch, someone slaps you in the mouth. Wasn't this supposed to be for business networking? Instead, everyone's just milling around and you're having no luck.

The problem is, you're trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

First, Ryze is a horse of another color. Think about this - what if everyone just ran around Ryze posting spam ads? Would you have a reason to choose one of the five bazillion coffee distributors over the next? No. So it's clear that the straight-sell does NOT work on Ryze.

Second, you need to discipline yourself if you want to make solid Ryze contacts. Don't let yourself get sucked into a conversation that's going in circles, or worse, escalating into an argument. ALWAYS remember why you're there: to share your knowledge and make your expertise known. You're there to meet marketers like yourself, who have integrity and a strong work ethic. Anyone who doesn't fall into that category gets a polite nod and privately dismissed as not worth your time.

Okay, now we know the two major points about Ryze. So here's the plan. If you feel confident leading people, create your own network. Get it going, throw your whole self into it, let a few months go by. And if you do a really good job of balancing web marketing lessons with fun, social interactions with selling, and keeping your network mostly clear of pettiness while fostering motivation and inspiration. . .

The time has come for a group project. Leverage the power in numbers. If you have a network of buddies that seems like it's growing stagnant, turn over a new leaf. Put the your group to work for everyone's business. Dream up a new marketing invention that every single person there can contribute to, feel good about what they added, and use to their advantage, advertising their business to millions.

What types of projects can a group of Ryze Networkers do together?

1. Write an e-guide on any major topic. Try Article Marketing, Blogging for Business, Affiliate Programs, Web Design, Networking. . . the list is neverending. How to go about it? Simply start with a few posts. The network moderator can encourage members to ask and respond to questions that will initiate productive discussion. Over the course of three months, those conversation starters will have resulted in some mighty powerful info that any new marketer would salivate for! Collect it all for output and you have your instant Group Marketer E-Book.

2. Give back to the global community. A friend of mine, Lori Davis, did a noble thing after Hurrican Katrina devastated New Orleans. She created a new online network where folks who wanted to contribute, vent, share news, grieve, pray etc. could converge and take action together. You can do this for any cause, provided all network members are willing and able to pitch in.

3. Invent a new Web Holiday and Showcase Your Talents on the Website. I'm actually doing this now. After creating an e-book with my Ryze Network that was wildly successful in gaining me and my members better page rank and more exposure, I decided to buy the domain for A group of us are working now to create the site's content and layout as well as advertise with articles and press releases that contain incentives for the new marketer to visit, get to know us and buy our product!

Again, there is incredible power in numbers and incredible value in networking. Start looking at networking in a new light. Be proactive about who you keep your time with and what comes of your discussions. Web forums are NOT just for meeting people. They are a gargantuan content machine that just keeps churning and churning. Make the most of this wonderful free opportunity and start seeing results in your marketing!

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