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The Negotiation Process


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It is probably no coincidence that the Spanish word for “business" - in the sense of commerce - is negocios. It highlights the importance of the negotiating process when it comes to doing business in a way that results in trust and respect for your company. The negotiation process is not difficult, but requires a certain amount of skill and training.

Negotiations, whether between individuals, businesses or even nation-states are really nothing more than a process in which concerned parties come to an agreement that serves everyone's best interests. Instead of one dominating or imposing power over the other, the parties attempt to reach a consensus in which everyone is satisfied. Business negotiation skills are valuable tools in this process.

Business negotiations are used not only by management and sales representatives, but by virtually everyone involved in the day-to-day operation of the company. Negotiations are a better way to motivate others rather than using pressure and domination strategies that may work in the short term, but ultimately causes distrust and resentment - and ultimately, profits.

Beginning the Negotiations

The negotiation process begins with an analysis of the needs, desires and interests of all parties concerned, as well as any outside issues - such as culture, background and experience - that can come into play. This information will form the basis of negotiations going forward.

The next step is planning: what are the goals of the business negotiations? What terms are to be settled? What is each side willing to give up in order to gain something else? These are all vital issues to be considered in the negotiating process.

Streamline the Negotiations Process

You and your company staff can learn more effective business negotiation skills through negotiating training from qualified providers. These professionals will design a negotiation course specifically tailored to the needs of your company that offer learners the opportunity for hands-on, “real-world" practice as well as valuable theory of business negotiations.

When considering negotiating training, it's important to begin by taking stock of where you and the company are currently. What are the long term goals, the short term objectives, what are your company's strengths and weaknesses? With whom will you be negotiating and over what? In what kind of setting will the negotiating process take place?

Few understand the nuances of the negotiating process that involve things as subtle as physical positions, seating locations and even the decor of the room. These are kinds of issues that can be covered in a negotiation course. There are few natural-born diplomats in the world; negotiations are an art, but also a science and a skill that must be practiced like any skill. Effective training means a smoother negotiating process for all involved.

A course in negotiation training by expert Jonathon Blocker helps to improve your business negotiation skills and provides insightful and expert knowledge of negotiations.


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