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Salary Negotiation Asking For a Raise? Timing is the Clue For Salary Negotiation


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Asking for raise requires preparation, skills and timing, Many employees assume their raises are based on how mush commitment, work and hard work they put in their work and their relations with their immediate boss. Most of them are unaware of how a pay raise actually happens.

You are ten months into your new boss seems happy with your work and feel it is time you got a raise, but are a little flummoxed on how to ask your boss and what to say and what not to in the discussion.

This is because most of us perceive asking for more money as an awkward issue. Added to this is the fact that money is intrinsically linked to our self-esteem. We are afraid of hearing a negative reply to our demand because it hurts our self-worth and damages our self-confidence.

Asking for raise requires careful preparation and knowing the right words to say before your sit down for a discussion with your manager. The ground rule is to be prepared. Do an analysis and make a report if possible of the work you have done so far. Also find out how much people in your position are getting paid. List out the possible reasons and prepare to discuss with him how these obstacles can be overcome and you can still get your raise. You can then go to your boss tell him that you have made a record of your contribution and also mention his positive recognition of your work, and then bring up the issue of a raise. This will indicate that you have done your research prior to your request. Remember not to immediately demand a discussion from your boss but give him time to consider the issue and fix a time to talk about it later.

At the discussion, let your boss know that you are mentally prepared to hear a negative answer, this will put him at ease and urge him seriously listen to you. Get into the discussion with a blank mind, without expectations, hopes or fears. This will help you concentrate more on the discussion and know what to say. Take your mind off what the result of your discussion might be avoid thinking that your main aim to get more money. Instead of focusing on this fact during the discussion, try and convince your manager on how the decision to give you raise will help in achieving the company's goals. Mention how your contribution in the past has helped the department achieve its targets, and how your contributions helped solve problems and tackle difficult situations of the special assignments you handled.

Finally avoid getting an ultimatum or threatening to quit if your request is turned down. Be calm and state your problem and discuss on what you need to solve them. If you are effective in your discussion and persistent in your efforts, then your raise could actually materialize.

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