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Going to court because a vendor or supplier did not make good on their promise can create immense cash flow problems for a business. In addition, it could result in lawsuits, liens and even bankruptcy. However by choosing debt resolution, business owners can bypass the court system, saving their company a mountain of difficulties. "

When does a business owner need a debt resolution professional?

"When the company is in a dispute with someone, when all lines of communication are poor and when it doesn't look like things will be resolved, " says Peter Robben, a business debt resolution specialist. “By bringing in a third party ‘mediator, ’ the tedious legal jargon and time consuming procedures associated with litigation are eliminated. "

Millions of lawsuits take place each year in the U. S. judicial system; it could take months, even years before a court case ever comes to trial. Attorney’s fees can run from $10,000 on upwards to $100,000 or more, causing business owners who settle their differences in court to become financially devastated. A bank levy can be imposed on business accounts or liens placed on property and/or other assets. As a result, litigation is often accredited with bringing about a downward spiral of a business rather than the vital restoration of one.

Debt Mediation listens to both sides of a case with the goal of creating an acceptable agreement for both parties. Due to the fact that debt negotiation is so effective in focusing on the resolutions of problems, more and more businesses nationwide are including arbitration clauses in their contracts. Debt negotiation settles disputes on a contingency basis. This means there is no fee in the unlikely event a settlement cannot be reached. Additionally, there is no billing by the hour and no charge for administrative services. What's more, debt resolution takes the dispute out of the Courts and public records so that no one knows there ever was a dispute in the first place, thus protecting the business and its credibility.

Companies involved in disputes of $2,000 to $80,000 can find relief with a debt resolution counselor that can not only save the business time and money; it can save the future enterprise as a whole., is a third-party mitigation and Business Debt Resolution Company that has helped growing numbers of companies resolve legal issues out of court, saving countless hours and dollars. Receive a FREE SPECIAL REPORT or Free Business Consultation by visiting


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Debt Solution Strategies Remedies For Credit Card Debt Relief
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