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It might seem funny for me as a wholesaler to give you tips on negotiating.

After all you might end up calling my wholesale business one day and using these negotiating tips on me!

But that concern aside, I do believe that the more knowledge there is in the wholesale business, the more all its participants will gain.

Before I offer you my negotiating tips I want you to understand my position as a wholesaler.

I buy products in large quantities. Quantities can range from a thousand units to an entire container load. Since I work on small profit margins I need to move volume in order to make money.

Given that I have a large overhead in terms of rent for a 7,200 sq warehouse and daily advertising, I need to move allot of volume to stay in business.

If you haven’t already got an idea of what my negotiating tips are, then you need to reread what I just wrote above.

Since most serious wholesalers operate the same way the tips I will give you now are universal.

Tip #1

Since wholesalers buy in large volume they want to sell in large volume. You can obtain lower prices by offering to buy a larger volume of merchandise. Even though I have no minimum order requirements, I am happy to offer further discounts for a decent sized order.

Tip #2

Wholesalers want to have long term customers. It’s allot easier to serve a steady customer than it is to look for new customers. Show wholesalers that you can buy regularly and ask for a discount in exchange for your steady business.

Tip #3

Ask for slow moving merchandise. Every wholesaler has merchandise that for one reason or another isn’t moving. Maybe the style is out of fashion or the colors are kind of funny. You just might have the right customers for that slow moving merchandise. Offer to buy it at a reduced price.

I hope you enjoyed these negotiating tips. Try them out and see what happens.

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