Persuasive Negotiation Tips To Get What You Want

Peter Fisher

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Negotiation skills are another form of persuasion, which, when used carefully will ensure you get what you want. What you need to be sure about, though, is what you do actually want; so you must have in mind a really clear idea of your intention before you engage in this persuasion exercise.

When you think about who you want to persuade, what benefits will they gain from your persuasion?

Your proposition will be received much more receptively if you have in mind what benefits they expect to gain.

If you can step into their shoes and empathise with their situation, what benefits can you perceive from their viewpoint?

When you have a good idea of what the other person wants and you keep that positive intention in your mind you will automatically create a rapport between you.

Creating this rapport means that the other person relates to you as someone with the same values and qualities as they have. Now you are in a position to ask questions that they will not consider hostile or intrusive, they will open up allowing you to discover what is important to them.

Now, to be successful with your persuasive negotiation, follow these negotiation tips. An important point to remember is talk less, listen more and focus on the person you are engaged with. In other words sit there and listen as they give you all the high quality information that you can then use to powerfully persuade and guide them!

By paying attention you will notice that people use certain words which may have a lot of emotional value attached.

You will also notice that that many people use words or phrases that indicate how they perceive the world around them.

Listen for the obvious phrases like “I see it this way. . . " or “It looks to me. . . " both of which mean the person is what you could call visually oriented.

Alternatively you might hear them say “It sounds as if. . . " or “that rings a bell. . . " and you can tell they are somewhat auditory in perception. Other people may say “I'm not sure I can get hold of that. . . " or “that's a solid idea. . . " giving you a clue as to the tangible world their minds inhabit.

These are just simple clues, and there are many others when you start to listen. To build the important rapport when negotiating persuasively, try to match your words and phrases so that they are in a similar style. Talking to a visually oriented person with word pictures and questions (How do you see this?), is more effective for your negotiation than talking within a different style.

Peter Fisher is an expert Author, Publisher and Webmaster. He coaches and writes for people undergoing change and developing ther careers. For more negotiation tips you can use visit Negotiation Tips


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