Fishing… What Does it Have to Do with YOUR Business?


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Do you love to fish? What do you love most about it? Is it the challenge of snagging a bite, conquering nature or is it just the general tranquility of the magnificent recreational fishing environments we often see on television specials about fishing?

Imagine yourself on a fishing vacation. What comes to mind? The drive to the location can be resplendent in itself as you bounce along a less traveled road surrounded by nothing but trees and majestic mountains along the way.

And then you see it…

…the rushing water over the bulging rocks and boulders, a beautiful sight and sound.

. . the fish splashing through the water surface to grab what morsels they can. You KNOW you are in the right place at the right time.

Are you fly fishing or trout fishing? What gear do you need? Have you studied the habits of the fish so you can compete with their minds for the win? Will you eat the fish for nourishment or catch it for sport and throw it back to safety – all the smarter for the next fisher I imagine…

Fish are an interesting topic to consider. It’s so interesting that many use fishing as a concept rather than a sport. We notice fish swim in “schools" and when fed we often call it a “feeding frenzy. "

When fishing for real fish, the odds are in the fisher’s favor when a “school" of fish is located. When fish are hungry, they go into a rash feeding frenzy once fed.

When considering fishing as a business concept, it is often referred to in business in terms of a visual for how to choose a profitable niche for your business. As in fishing we are advised to find a pool of hungry fish and give them what they hunger for.

What are people hungry for that if you could provide it they would come in vast “schools" resulting in a “buying frenzy" to feed their appetites? Study where the best “fishing" locations are and what “bait" will cause the frenzy. When you have mastered the ability to choose wisely where to anchor and put out your bait, you will have a grand catch for not only a day, but for life.

As you discover your “school of hungry fish" niche, remember to note that the fish who have been caught and thrown back are wiser with each time they are caught. Constantly offer them more and more resistible products and services. It’s natural they you get better and better and choosing and offering the best “bait" as well as a fisher does who masters the art of fishing.

Consider your business an art and treat your “fish" with respect and awe. Remember, we people are a part of nature as well as those real fish. It’s a beautiful sight to see the fish swimming happily and confidently along before they learn to run and hide at the site of the fisher. Use your products and services to draw people to you as the fisher does with the bait.

Use the highest quality gourmet offerings and potential clients and customers will indulge in a veritable feeding frenzy upon your wisdom and services. And unlike with real fish, these can be loyally “hooked" on YOU for years to come.

As we ponder the opening question, what is YOUR answer?

Copyright 2006 Juanita Bellavance

Juanita Bellavance, the author of this article is CEO, Co-Founder of Audacious Enterprises™, Internet Business Entrepreneur Coach and master teacher at To register for the Audacious Marketing Mastery™ FREE teleclass, “How to Create a Marketing Funnel that Makes You Money, " go here:


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