7 Ways To Overcome The Myth That You Have To Be "Pushy" To Succeed

Maya Bailey, Ph.D.

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Haven’t we all been told that the ones who succeed are aggressive and pushy? Isn’t this why so many people are scared of marketing themselves? In my 30 years of coaching people, I have found that almost everyone has an aversive reaction to marketing. In other words, they would rather do anything but market themselves and that’s what they usually do.

Tip 1: Look at your old concepts of marketing:

What images come up for you when you think of marketing. ?

Do you visualize a pushy salesman at your door? Do you think of telemarkers calling you at night?

Tip 2: Do you equate marketing to “sales”?

Most of my clients have always worked for someone else and in their own business , they are scared about whether they succeed or fail. So they begin to believe consciously or unconsciously that marketing means “sales”.

Tip 3: Do you think you are” taking” when you are offering your services?

Over many years of helping people get more clients, I can honetly say that most people believe they are taking from another when they market themselves to another. Instead, start thinking of yourselves as giving whenever you tell anyone what you do.

Tip 4: Have a very comfortable , non pushy “elevator speech”.

An “elevator speech” is a memorized version of what you say when anyone asks you “What do you do”. Always answer the question with a question. For example , if you are a real estate agent, instead of saying “Iam a real estate agent, ” say “You know how most people get stressed out when they buy or sell a home? Well my job is to help them to relax and enjoy the process. I am a real estate agent. ”

Tip 5: Always ask permission to continue.

For example, if you are making a “cold call” to someone in business, get their permission to continue. For example , if you are a coach and you say your name and what you do, like “I help People succeed in business, ” then say “ If you’d like to take 30 seconds, I’ll be happy to tell you what I do. ” The receiver of the call will feel like their time is respected.

Tip 6: Always give before asking for the gift of someone’s time and attention:

For example, if you’re a real estate agent , and you want to go door to door, have something in your hand to give the person. For example, “I’m your neighbor and I have a list of the properties that have been sold in our neighborhood. Would this be of interest to you”?

Tip 7: Your prospect needs to know, like and trust you.

Any attempts at being pushy with a prospect will turn them off. Remember to focus on building a relationship so they can know, like and trust you.

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