Timing Your Website Sales Copy

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Online ecommerce with today's economy creates precaution in every prospects mind. They have become much wiser and smarter. Having the best looking website isn't all that matters. A compelling sales copy will greatly enhance your chances to generate the wealth you're looking for.

Help your prospects fill their need. There is a wall standing between your product and your prospect and that is the prospects inhibitions. The mind is skeptical, pessimistic, sour, untrusting, doubtful, hesitant, cynical, and suspicious as soon as it realizes that it is getting a sales pitch.

Unfortunately, on the Internet the mind's inhibitions go into being precautious; “You shouldn't buy things on the internet; there is a chance that someone can steal your credit card information. " “You are just going to get ripped off, you can't trust people online, they are all scam artists. " “This deal is too good to be true. " “It's way too much money, you have bills to pay, and you don't need this right now. You've heard it before right?

Your sales copy is the ladder, so to speak, that allows the prospect to overcome the “wall" of inhibitions his or her mind creates which stop him or her from buying the solution to their need that you are offering.

There are two kinds of sales copy. One is to fascinate the reader with claims on just this side of believable. The other is to draw the reader in with valuable, interesting information while having them realize a need and offering a solution to that need.

I find the other to be more effective for most products and a properly balanced combination of the two to be even more effective. A successful piece of copy has the reader nodding his head in agreement. It allows the mind to weigh the benefits of the product and it's inhibitions and tips the scales in favor of the benefits offered by the product.

Without being pushy and/or unbelievable, a successful piece of copy has the reader excited about having found the solution to their problems, excited about finally knowing that they won't have to worry about that problem again. They feel excited in general, without over hyping. “Hype" will lower your credibility and may drive otherwise willing prospects away.

It's a real turn off to consumers when it's obvious they are being “pitched" and they won't believe your “wild, unbelievable claims. " Even if they do end up purchasing out of curiosity when they find that you weren't able to deliver on your outlandish claims they will never purchase from you again and may even create negative word of mouth for you.

You must gain the readers interest with a comment, interesting point, benefit, headline, or question and then nudge them closer to the sale. Say something that brings them closer to buying. This may cause your prospect to draw back into their inhibitions and consider leaving. By immediately stating something that revolves around them is going to keep them interested enough to buy.

The sales copy must be written almost immediately after you have come up with the idea for your product. There is no other time at which you will be more emotionally charged and able to write passionate copy that is from the point of view of your prospect. It must be done before you start on your product.

Right now, at this point in the process, you are writing sales copy for a fantasy product as a person with an unfulfilled desire. If you choose to write your copy sometime in the future, after starting or worse, completing your product, you will be writing as someone who is offering something that already exists.

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