Planning a Brochure For Your Business

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Before deciding to plan a brochure a few through has to be given to your ideas and how it will help you in creating a brochure that sells. Work out a plan like what is your budget for the entire brochure project. Are you hiring a graphic designer and a printer separately?

The advantages of hiring the same person for design as well as printing will save you time and money as well. Few of the questions to be asked before asking for a quote for a brochure design?

1) Quality enquiry about the quality they are going to deliver.
2) How many numbers of colors are going to be used in the brochure?
3) The size of the brochure always the standard sizes are letter size 8.5” X 11”, 8.5”x14” and 11”X17”.
4) How many numbers of pages will they create?
5) What is the turnaround time of designing and printing?

The other information that you should know are what is the paper quality going to be used. They are two different types like matte and glossy type. If you are giving the task of designing is been given to a graphic designer you should ask the resolutions he is making the brochure design, the Line per inch, what digital format the files will be supplied and finally the turnaround time.

Also try to get couple of quotes from different graphic design company and printers before finally arriving to make a decision. The purpose of making a brochure depends on business to businesses. So choose the right design for yours. Some of the brochures are for services offers and other for products. Grabbing the attention of the people and customers is the key for a good brochure.

A brochure should be designed professionally copy written by a professional with strong sentences and should be able to convey your company’s message across your customers.

Brochure design tips:-
1) Use upper and lower case of alphabets for get attention.
2) Use boldface to emphasize the keywords.
3) Always keep the text short and informative.

The bottom line is turn a piece of paper into a marketing tool for your company should be the motto of every brochure designed.

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