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Niche marketing is the key to online success. Hands down, getting your name and products in front of those looking for solutions to their wants and needs is a key to your success. What is the fastest way to get your name and products directly in front of your target audience? Article writing.

Simply put, people want solutions to their problems. People want to succeed in life ~ from making homemade bread to teaching their child to read, people seek solutions to problems and reach their own goals. By offering solutions to people problems, you set yourself up as an expert within your niche.

Whether you are trying to market an ebook or build your Watkins customer base ~ writing articles and getting them in front of your niche market will make all the difference in the world when it comes to online business success. If you are new to article marketing, then make it a professional goal in 2006 to start writing articles in earnest.

Niche Marketing and Writing Articles

Whatever your home business venture is, writing articles and getting them published online will give you branding, web site traffic and credibility.

Branding with articles written expressly for your target niche is actually quite simple. Think about your dream customer. What does your ideal customer look for online? Does he want to know how to save time? Maybe, she wants to learn how to reorganize her kitchen. Could reducing debt be a priority at this time in life?

First step? Whip up a list of areas your customers might look for information online. Make a list of possible solutions your business could provide these potential customers. Then write an informative article about how to handle this “problem” remembering all the while that your article is not a place to “sell” but rather share answers to their questions with clear steps to improving their lives with solutions you have found.

Your resource box which you place at the end of the article will give them a broader picture of who you are AND your business. Encourage readers to subscribe to your newsletter for even more great ideas to making their lives easier, better (keep in mind your niche market and what they look for online).

Give permission to reprint the article intact with your resource box and live links back to your website then submit your article to article directories like and where webmasters and ezine publishers look for content their niche market is looking for online too.

After you have submitted your targeted articles to article directories, take the time to also check high traffic websites that are already drawing your target market to see if they accept original articles. Over time, you will see traffic coming to your website from web sites that you haven’t even heard of yet but their target market read your article at their website THEN visited yours. That’s why the resource box is so important to your online business. I get more traffic from my articles online than search engines. Even if you have a well optimized website, search engines also love seeing your link on other high quality websites with key words that your potential customers will search for online.

With article writing, you will deepen your professional image and branding while building strong web site traffic through your links which all show you as a credible business owner that offers answers and solutions that fit their lives. Make it a priority to start writing an article each month and getting them published to see the niche marketing power that you held in your hands all along!

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