Developing A Focused Marketing Strategy

Lisa Packer

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You want all of your marketing messages to have a single focus, so they pull together instead of competing with each other. Great! So how do you come up with one?

First, there are several things you need to know. Who is your target? As specifically as possible, who are you trying to sell to? Don’t just say “women, " say, “fashion conscious women age 18-35. " Say, “stay-at-home mothers of preschool children. "

Next, what benefit of your product or service will most appeal to them? Let’s say you’re selling grass seed. The fact that your seed makes lawns greener is a feature. When your neighbors get jealous of your greener lawn, that’s a benefit. And, it’s a benefit that really appeals to the ego of men who enjoy working on their lawns.

Once you know what you’re saying and who you’re saying it to, spell it out in one sentence. “Marketing will convince young, professional, suburban males that AAA Grass Seed will produce a lawn that their neighbors will envy. " This is your marketing strategy, and every ad, commercial, letter, or communication of any type should agree with it.

Now that you have a focused message, pound it home. You’ll find that once all of your communication is on strategy, your individual tactics work together and become much stronger than they were separately. And that will make a dramatic difference in your business!

Does your marketing forge an emotional connection with your prospects? It can. Lisa Packer, author of “The Power Of Emotion: 6 Triggers That Turn Prospects Into Customers, " specializes in copy that does just that. Visit today and discover how you can connect emotionally with your prospects and explode response!


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