Product Promotion & Culture What It Is?

Uday Patel

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Promotional marketing is in picture since the era of modern business technique emerged. In days of globalization this has become an essential element of marketing strategy. Promotional technique irrespective of business being country specific or global is much influenced by the culture.

Affiliation to product or products depend much on cultural preferences despite globalization taking place in our lifestyles as well. Developed countries with massive industrial base and economies of higher scales influence other countries culturally as well as by choices often forced by circumstances. Nevertheless cultural ethos are hard to change. What actually dominates is innovation, research and sound manufacturing techniques which the developed world has mastered.

Marketing strategies are influenced by sound practices that impact globally, but cultural influence cannot be negated. Hence promotional marketing is country oriented. Gauging local preferences is strategy that pays whence designing items that will be used in marketing. Promos are therefore preferred differently in all countries to some extent, since many products will have a universal impact. This is crucial in a globalized world, and the strategy is much shaped by local heads than the supreme leaders sitting in the country of origin. All this point towards a more complex shaping of approach to marketing.

Another factor that influences strategies is the cost of manufacture. This is why the shifting of manufacturing bases is taking place at cost of the parent country which losses jobs and services. But the strategic gains eventually end up in the country of origin, since the companies benefit financially due to the shift in the long run. Local product preferences play a major role in shaping demands, accrueing and increasing customer loyalties with the additional gain of new customers.

US is one of the biggest marketing venues thanks to a stupendously large economy and spending power of its citizens, Hence a different approach towards marketing is required, elements of which may not work in Asian/African economies.

This is due to strong local preferences. Items with universal appeal developed using innovative designs and manufactured with state of art technologies are more acceptable globally but local influences will remain.

Uday writes on promotional marketing sites in USA hence ths article. He writes often on technology and strategies that impact the business paradigm globally. Uday writes on many topics.


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