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Why Subcontract to the Philippines

Mark Ian Alloso

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Coming from all countries on the planet, why delegate to the Philippines? There are roughly a dozen of countries which are facilities for freelancing. Outsourcing, specifically business process outsourcing, consists of several sub-sectors such as knowledge process outsourcing and back offices, software development, animation, engineering design, medical transcription, game development, and lastly, call centers.

During the 1980s, the lack of employment rate continues to be standstill between 8 to 11%. A couple of years later, the BPO industry gave probably the most considerable participation to commercial progress and is accounted for 0.075% of GDP in 2000. Furthermore, in 2005, GDP rose to 2.4%. During this time period, the number of employees in the BPO industry was more or less a million and is accounted for 27% of all new jobs. In 2016 plus in the coming years, it is projected that the BPO industry will have a regular and overall good rate of growth. It's also believed that the sector's believed total income range would reach an enormous $40 to $55 billion by 2020.

Since the early 1990s, the Philippines has been the venue preferred by the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry - having a growth rate of 46% per annum. The real reason for the blossoming industry lies in the effectiveness of Filipino call centers - and here's why:

1. English Proficiency amongst Filipino Contact Center Agents

With history greatly influenced by Eastern and Western nations, the Philippines is the third biggest English speaking nation - not to mention the expertise of Filipinos with all the Western culture. English is the prime method of education amongst schools in the country. With years of exposure to Western culture and language, it's not surprising that Filipinos may be fluent contact center agents.

2. Terrific Customer Service Competencies

On account of some cultural impacts, Filipinos have high regards to ethical standards and are better known for their pleasantness. Moreover, Filipinos are raised in a community constructed on good values. Most Filipinos score high in emotional intelligence (EQ) tests and so are in charge at the office. Telemarketer Firms these days continue to be one of the leading industries in the marketplace today. And Filipinos, undoubtedly, are knowledgeable in the list of effective call center agents all over the world.

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