Outbound Telemarketing and its Superpowers

Mark Ian Alloso

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Dissimilar to inbound calling which only emphasizes on inviting the already-engaged population, outbound calling goes out of its way to attain a far more expansive audience. It has the marketing ability of a ‘Superman', the flexibility of a ‘Black Widow', and the innovative prowess of a ‘Batman’. Aside from lead generation, outbound calling can also be put to use for appointment setting, call to invite campaigns (Webinar/WebEx) and data profiling services.

An outbound call is one started from a call center agent on account of the call center or a client. It is a form of direct marketing wherein an allocated party approaches potential clients and offer products or services over the phone or through web conferencing. Calls can also be used for many applications - surveys, data profiling and so much more.
Here are the superpowers of outbound telemarketing:

On Lead Generation: Outbound calling does have its benefits - and it includes reaching a wider populace. As mentioned in an article by Small Business Chronicle, ‘the main intent of outbound marketing (outbound calling/telemarketing included) is to attract customers and make them aware of a product, service or even a brand’s name’. Furthermore, outbound calling is reliable in switching cold customers into hot leads. As documented in Chron, ‘the primary feature of outbound marketing is that consumers are accustomed with it. The medium does not get away of the message, as it can be with inbound marketing, which is presented via technologies that many consumers still have difficulty to comprehend and to trust.

On Data Profiling Services: Outbound calling is probably the swiftest way to update data profiles. According to Louise Robinson, Managing Director of CG Consulting, ‘US-based business-to-business marketing research and analysis firm Sirius Decisions predicts that 2% to 3% of a marketing database goes undesirable every month’. To accelerate updating, a quick outbound call is adequate to do the job.

On Call to Invite Campaigns: It is never adequate to send a lengthy email about the positive aspects of a distinct webinar or training course, or to basically post it online. It is also ineffective to set up a training date devoid of probable participants or to simply await for a registration. If you have a webinar about a certain subject, it is essential to find a number in line with the webinar that you plan to offer.

If you have a training course related to engineering, it would be favorable to have a list of probable attendees that are engineers/related in engineering. Cold calling not only let would-be participants become informed of your training program, it also lets them become familiarized with your organization - if ever they are interested in some other matters that you offer. Moreover, a cold call from an agent answers their concerns right away, such as the CEU they will gain, your company’s accreditation - thus increases the likelihood for an enrollment.

On Appointment Setting: Larry Myler, in an article on Forbes, expounds on appointment setting, ‘it is regarded as one of the most difficult parts of business development and also the most common hurdle in expanding a company by increasing its sales’. Through a wider population reach of outbound calling, there is a sure chance in turning cold customers into hot leads. It is in no way enough to have a small populace of semi-attracted customers (as in the case of inbound marketing), outbound telemarketing makes sense to go out and look for probable consumers.

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