7 Sure-Fire Ways to Make a Positive Impression With Your Business Cards


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What does your business card say about you? Most of the time, it is not as positive or business-building as you think. Do not, under any circumstances, under estimate the power of your business card. Follow these sure-fire branding tips to transform your business card into a marketing and branding power-house.

1) Stick with the standard size

Larger format or odd shaped cards can be rather unwieldy and cumbersome. A Standard size card will definately be easier for your prospective clients or business partners to put in a business card holder.

2) Consider offset printing

Though digital printing is cheaper if you need less than 1,000 business cards, you may want to choose the design options and greater variety of color that offset printing can provide.

And if you are printing more than 1,000 cards, the cost difference between offset and digital printing is negliable.

3) Have a logo professionally designed

A logo is like your fingerprint or face. It is a unique representation of your business.

What ever you do, do not use clipart, which is the easy route. Clip art is not a logo! It is used by vaious kinds of businesses, and does not aid in distinguishing yours at all.

4) Choose high-quality paper.

Today's standard for business cards is 100- to 110-pound paper stock. You should use the type of paper that is common in your industry.

Glossy stock is most often used by people in entertainment- related businesses. Those with more of a corporate type of business usually use matte stock.

5) Use the back of your card.

By all means do not neglect the back of your business card. You can have marketing tools scuh as maps to help customers find your establishment.

Another trick that you can use to embellish the back is your own unique logo.

6) Keep the design simple.

This is where the K. I. S. S. principle really comes into play. Try to avoid making your business card looking cluttered or confusing.

Basic contact information, and maybe your slogan or other marketing message, should suffice.

7)Embellish the card

Embossing or hot foil stamping are expensive, but may be worth the cost. anything that makes your card stand out and lessens the chance of it being thrown out is a great business expense and will pay out in the long run.

These 7 simple steps will surely improve the marketability and networking prowess of your business cards.

Cal Golden is a business owner, Internet marketer and webmaster of Business Card Primer. For cutting-edge news, tips, and information on how to get the most out of the marketing and networking power of your business cards, be sure to visit http://www.businesscardprimer.com


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7 Ways to Make a Good Impression
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