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The three cast members at HBO’s winter TCA 2011


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Game of thrones dvd panel were interviewed by Access Hollywood immediately following the panel. In fact, HBO publicity had to pull Dinklage away from me and Fire and Blood as we were talking to him, so he could go tape his interview. Damn you Access Hollywood! Still, I can’t be too mad at them because it is great to see these three discuss their roles in more depth than we’ve seen before. Embedded below is Peter’s interview. After the jump are Sean and Emilia’s (spoiler alert on those two, by the way).

Lest any of you think this event was of the lurid sort (that tale comes later from the BwB

gathering), let me also remind you this was a family-friendly event, and nothing says “family”

quite like Baby Dany.

That’s right, little Daenerys was brought forth so that the author might approve of his latest

(literary) get, and smiles abounded. A very inspiring moment. If I ever have another kid, I’m

naming him Shaggydog. If it’s a girl, it’ll be Weasel.

Lastly we have the A Dance with Dragons news: The news is…

There is no news. Officially. In fact, it’s so “officially” that George openly lamented about

how much he had wanted to be able to give us “the news, ” but because he had been sick, he’d “

lost a week, ” and therefore “the news” could not be told just yet. Not quite yet. Even though

he had been making “GREAT” progress on ADwD up until a week ago, and then–

I’ll spell this out for the slow: Any week now. Could this be a GRRM-sized week? Perhaps. (That

could equate to a month. Maybe two. Who really knows what other projects he’s going to be

juggling?) Do I know anything official? No. But I know Hodor-sized hints when I hear them.

I’m going to bet my hat we see A Dance with Dragons on the shelves before the airing of the

season 1 finale of Game of Thrones. Sooner than that if they can find a jacket big enough to fit

the bindings of that behemoth book. I don’t think they will do the re-issue of AGoT (with the

new cover) at the exact same time they release Dance.

But in the end, what do I know? Nothing. Jon Snow and I have that in common, at least.

Lastly… Well, lastly, this post is long. So I’d best be going, and get cracking on my BwB post.

But I will leave you with this:

The very charming Ti Mikkel: Hello, dahling. It is so very sexy-time to see you again.

The only slightly less charming Ty Franck: Uh.

Ti: It was you with me in gay Paris, was it not? The moonlight? The Sauvignon and Cyrah? The tiny

little Papillon**** costume?

Ty: I—No, it—hey, don’t take that picture. FaBio! Stop!


Ty: I’m married! I’m happily married! You can’t do this to me! FaaaaaaaBiiiioooo!

Don’t worry, Ty. Only a few of my closest friends will ever see this. And thanks, Ti. You’re

the best.

(Ty and Ti. Sure, you all think it’s damned cute, but try getting one’s attention over the

other sometime. Especially in a crowded room. It’s like shouting for Mumet in Istanbul. I tried

that too. )

This is indeed the work of an amateur photographer. Don’t let FaBio lie to you so blatantly. He

can’t take pictures worth a shit.

And by “dating” we mean tomfoolery.

He really didn’t, but he’s a cool guy, and I only pick on people I like. Game of thrones dvd


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