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First GoT review of episode 1


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Ryan Lambie from Den of Geek is the first to write a review of the show, more precisely of the opening episode only (spoiler free, by the way). What makes it valuable, quite apart from it being the first, is that Lambie appears to be a non-reader. His opinion is very positive, and well articulated, so make sure you read the entire piece. Some choice excerpts:

The first episode introduces a dizzying array of plotlines … and it’s to both the credit of Game Of Throne‘s cast and director that the show remains a gripping watch, in spite of the amount of dialogue and backstory it has to impart.

Inevitably, there are some plot strands that are more interesting than others. I found myself less impressed with the growing union between the effete Targaryen dynasty and the barbarous Dothraki overseas than I was with the changing fortunes of Stark’s family, but its writers are wise enough to keep the story riding along at a storming pace.

There’s a pleasing lack of sentimentality in Benioff and Weiss’ script, in fact, and Game Of Thrones‘ characters are universally flawed, interesting people.

… this opening episode provides a confident, gripping entry point to what could have been a bewilderingly expansive saga. ‘ canvas is enormous and continent spanning, but the superb cast keep the human element of the story front and centre.

Best of all, this opener manages something that many series debuts fail to achieve. It starts with a gripping, even frightening opening sequence, and concludes with a similar dramatic flash that left me clamouring to see the next episode.

Hear Me Roar: That’s a good first review, if I ever saw one. What I particularly like is the reviewers interest and investment in the characters, which is something I hoped would happen from the go. Even more importantly, it is a gripping first episode that should effectively hook the general public.
We fans of the series of course hope it goes for many years—seven at least—so that we can see the dramatic end to everything that’s been building from the first book on. Assuming it does, you will have literally spent your entire teenage life on a television show. Does that appeal to you—this sort of attention—and what sort of roles do you hope for after Game of Thrones has shot its final scene?

I have to say that I am incredibly excited for my future, especially if it involves Game Of Thrones. I won’t mind the attention because I suppose it comes with being in a television show, especially if it is as big as Game Of Thrones! In the future I don’t really know which roles I would like, I’d like any role and I would dedicate myself to that role, as I have with Sansa. I don’t tend to be fussy about the roles that I would like to be cast as, I really wouldn’t mind, I am not specific about one type of role, I like variety.

Game of Thrones fans will be older and (usually) more mature than Twilight or, say, Justin Bieber fans. The plus side of that is we won’t chase you through a mall trying to take pieces of your clothing… the bad news is we may dress funny and sometimes smell quite odd. Would you prefer being chased by tweenagers or being forced to sit next to old people who might need occasional naps?

I really don’t mind about fan types! I am a fan of anyone who is a fan of Game Of Thrones! Fans are the driving force behind this show, without them there would be no ‘Game Of Thrones the television show’ so what sort of person would I be if I chose which type of fan I would prefer? I love fans, no matter what they smell like!

From the bits and pieces we’ve seen, you come across as very enthusiastic and energetic; pretty much an attractive teenage girl who has a very exceptional talent in drama. Somewhat excitable, which is normal. Yet from the brief clips of Sansa we’ve seen, you are clearly playing her as someone more subdued (perhaps quieter) than you generally are. Can you tell us about how you have approached the character of Sansa to make her different from yourself?

Thank you! I didn’t aim to make Sansa different from myself, I just played her as I thought she should be played. Sansa is naive and has good intentions and she doesn’t understand the world as an adult would, she sees the world through a child’s eyes. I am a loud, energetic person and I played Sansa subdued, not because I wanted her to be different from myself but because she wants to be Queen and so she has to keep her emotions contained sometimes and she has to not show the naive, excitable girl that she really is.

Can you tell us some of the qualities you share with her? Game of Thrones Season 1 dvd Is there a quality she has that you wish you did?

Sansa is an absolute romantic, she lives in her own dream world and is oblivious to the real world (at the beginning of the book, that is). I would love to be as ambitious and optimistic as Sansa and not doubt myself so much.

How many times did you have pie thrown in your face for that scene at the Winterfell feast? How many takes, and did Maisie do the actual throwing?

At the Winterfell feast the pie was thrown in my face about 20 times and it stank! Maisie attempted the first few goes at throwing pie in my face but she doesn’t have very good hand-eye coordination (sorry Maisie) and she got it on my dress a few times and so one of the crew had to take over!

That’s awesome. Can you beat Maisie at arm-wrestling?

I don’t know if I would beat her, I would hope I would, but Maisie is very strong for her age, I might still say me, although I’m pretty sure Maisie would stick me with the pointy end for saying that. All I can say is BRING IT ON MAISIE!!!

Time for the bizarre questions now. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. I’m odd. What is your current favourite song?

Never Say Never – Justin Bieber.

Not shocking. He’s talented and age-appropriate. Did you know he’s an excellent drummer?

I went to his concert the other week and cried for hours both during and after! He’s fantastic at drums, guitar, being good-looking, piano, dancing and singing, he’s pretty talented. I am most definitely a ‘Belieber’!

Game of thrones dvd


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