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Why Are You Still Promoting Your Business!

Jim Whitney

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Yes, you read it correctly! Desist from promoting your internet business. How frequently do you go on the net and see ad after ad full of Pie in the sky promises. You just roll your eyes and continue on about your merry way instantly forgetting that you even saw those type advertisements. I know we all get so worn out with flashy, pie in the sky, ads. Who are they kidding? I can not seem to take those seriously.

In other words, you see an appealt that doesn’t appear to be promising the instant riches and seems to have that honest appeal. You immediately go see and see a live person’s site with real information thahas some fascination to you. Gee the total story about where they are from, how they got started, their family life, it’s all there in black and white. This right away sets this person apart from all the other the hype you usually see. You continue on and they have a real phone number where you can actually reach them! Now you are getting really excited. You just don’t see this kind of access to people these days.

You now have access to someone who has learned the techniques. They have hit the money in network marketing it’s not the most expensive ads about their business, no, they have been educated to BRAND themselves online. It’s not all about the business, well it is a little bit but take a look at this scenario:

You walk into a car dealership, immediatlely up entering a guy walks up and gives you a 30 second commercial and you’re there waiting for someone to scream “Cut!” And you are thinking oh no, not another pushy salesman. You absolutely can’t tolerate a pushy salesman; don’t worry you are not alone with this feeling!

Try this scenario instead; you enter into into the same dealership, and a nice young sales person, person walks up and asks you how you are and looks down at your 2 year old child who is just standing there waiting for some attention, and tells her how beautiful she looks today. See what I am getting at? The sales person is not trying to stick me into the first car we see? The sales person then proceeds to ask you if you’re from around here and then tells you where he lives. A finally they get around to asking|finally he asks}}}} how he can be of service for you. By now you are at ease and ready to peruse the offerings.

Now, judge the two situations. Which would you prefer to buy from? The pushy loud mouth, or the guy that first made a connection to you?

It’s all about the almighty sales dollar. We forget that it’s not the business that sells, it is YOU. So the trick is to promote YOU instead of the business.

Establishing a connection with your potential clients, partners or buyers first is crucial to success. Building integrity before the sale will be very important to closing the sale. Display to them who YOU are. Then the business will be there.

Be honest and see what happens! It will never hurt to be honest and will be very, very profitable.

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