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Zaken Corporation Slandered by Internet Bloggers


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In this modern age of information technology, even well-established and reputable companies like The Zaken Corporation can sometimes fall victim to negative-sounding but essentially unsubstantiated personal opinions which are proliferated by irresponsible ‘bloggers’ on the internet gossip mills.

“One of the most crucial problems with dissemination of ‘information’ by such internet bloggers is that people are able to say anything they want to say. . . and get away with it!” states Corporate President and Owner, Tiran Zaken. “It’s starting to become a huge issue for our company, because even though we know that almost every negative item being ‘posted’ about us is blatantly untrue, most innocent viewers won’t really know the difference! We certainly wish there were some way that we could be present at the exact time when each of these false and ‘slanderous’ remarks was being posted, so that we could provide appropriately accurate rebuttals in our own defense – before any undeserved damage to public-opinion can even occur. ” Although we really don’t want to do it, perhaps our company will ultimately have to bring legal charges of slander against irresponsible parties who distribute false information about it on internet sites.

Just to give a few quick examples of such misleading internet statements:

A) There isn’t (and hasn’t been) a “class action suit" against our company at all!! (Such an allegation is preposterous and untrue!)

B) The only company “name change" which ever occurred was when the business grew so large and profitable that formal incorporation became necessary. “The Zaken Corporation became a formally registered and incorporated business entity in an event occurring over 8 years ago!!

C) The Zaken Corporation is officially registered at the Federal level to conduct interstate business nationwide – and therefore not required to have individual State ‘bonding’.

So it’s quite easy to see how certain unreliable ‘statements’ being made on the internet can be completely blown out of all proportion. Internet readers should not be too quick to “buy-into" everything they might find posted there without first questioning its accuracy and reliability, or the underlying intentions of the parties giving such ‘misinformation’. It has even been discovered that many such individuals are actually self-serving and brazen enough to proliferate untrue and negative information on the internet in an attempt to smear our company’s reputation while simultaneously “steering” website viewers toward their own websites or providing links to their own sites, where they hope to incur the viewers’ business for themselves! Of course, we shouldn't need to comment any further about our opinion of that type of behavior! Some people simply have no conscience or concept of business ethics whatsoever.

One of The Best Things Anyone Can Do relative to this troublesome issue”, states Tiran “is to visit the website. This site deals with some of our company’s ‘ancient history’, and I myself posted multiple rebuttals to various items contained there. You are invited to read these rebuttals for yourself (please look for red “rebuttal” buttons on or near each item in our company’s section of the site), as well as the comments posted there by a representative of the company in charge of administering that particular website. You should find them to be quite illuminating!”

Nevertheless, currently business is quite good! Positive improvements and “upgrades” which have recently been made at The Zaken Corporation are:

1) Increases in the number of company business support representatives.

2) Expansion of market exposure by the addition of more Sales Staff members on the product re-marketing team.

3) Significant Up-grades to the company’s product marketing websites.

4) Minor adjustments in liquidation product policies, contributing to a more consistent percentage of product deals closing.

5) Quicker and more effective calculation of independent associates’ sales commissions – generating much quicker issuing of their checks!

6) Faster and more reliable shipping services.

For much more reliable information about the company itself and/or its profitable business opportunities, please use any of the following:

Visit the corporate websites at – and

Call 805-262-6700 during business hours Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM, PST.

Send a Fax to 805-262-6080.


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