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Boost your sales by improving your customer’s memory


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In today’s modern business climate where every day is a challenge we need all the help we can get to stand still let alone move forwards. Yet many businesses selling similar products or services do move forwards. How do they do this? They are selling similar products at similar prices all delivered with the same high level of service. So what’s the difference?

Quite simply your customers have forgotten you. Not that they didn’t like your service, price or products. They just can’t remember who you were, what your web address is or your phone number.

Well what can be done? Most marketeers would point to the good old favourite of an advertisement in an appropriate magazine. Others would recommend a telesales campaign or a mailshot. Yes they all work and will deliver some level of success, however they are very costly and need to be employed as part of an ongoing campaign which means time, money and commitment. Many small business can’t afford to have a full time marketeer in their midst. Well there is a tried and tested alternative which stares everyone in the face.

If I ask you the name of the computer in front of you it’s obvious as the manufacturer prints their name on it.

Your mobile phone, calculator, pen, bags, coat etc all carry the manufactures name.

So why do they do this. It’s an added cost to go to the trouble of branding their product. They know it’s worth it as the next time you choose another computer you’ll probably go for the brand that you already use.

Your best customers are the ones you already have. You need to leave your contact details with them when you leave. What about a business card I hear you say. A business card is of no real value or use therefore is usually filed in a draw followed by the bin. What you need is an item which is useful or has a value.

These items could be anything from Post-it Notes, Pens, Mouse mats, coasters, Coffee mugs, Travel mugs, through to Conference bags and folders, umbrellas, note pads. The list is endless. All printed with your message, logo and contact details. These items are what are known as `promotional gifts ’.

You’re probably thinking that this all sounds very expensive. Well a small advert in a magazine would cost over £300 and would last for a month until the next edition came out and then it’s in the bin.

For the same spend you could have 500 Coasters, or 1000 Pens, or 100 Umbrellas, or 150 Conference bags, 250 Coffee Mugs or Travel mugs. All printed with your message or logo. These are only a few examples and the prices are approximations. But are intended to show what can be bought for a modest spend.

Having said that like many walks of life there are cheap and expensive promotional gift companies out there. One company that I have worked with is . They keep their prices low and quality high. Their artwork is free and there were no hidden extras. I understand that unlike their competitors they print on most of their promotional items in house therefore they can pass the savings onto their customers via the price.

Anyway I like them.

So don’t forget the most cost effective business comes from the ones you already have and the ones that they will refer you to.

So next time you do business leave you message behind as a gift they can treasure or use.

Your customers won’t have to look far when they need your services in the future.


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Improving Memory Power - Training the Brain is vital
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