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Automotive Marketing Facts and Fiction

Jimmy Vee

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FICTION - It Takes A Long Time For Marketing To Work. You Have Get Your Name Out There And Build Brand.

Advertising is usually broken into two categories.

1. Branding. This is the stuff that takes a long time to work. This is get your name out there and hope you get some return on your investment years down the road advertising. Branding works only after you have top of mind awareness in a market place. Must dealers don't have the money, patience or time to do this kind of advertising. We don't recommend it for any automotive dealerships or small businesses.

2. Direct response marketing. For you, the only choice is hardcore, retail-oriented, direct-response, lead-generating, low-cost, overnight-results-getting advertising. We teach this kind of advertising to dealers all around the globe.

We call our style of marketing. . . Gravitational Marketing because it allows a dealer to attract customers who pay more, stay longer and refer repeatedly. It defies the natural laws of the kind of marketing most dealers use because of it ability to pull such huge and rapid response.

Brand building can take years and lots of advertising dollars. The “Golden Arches" didn't build their brand overnight or on a penny budget. It doesn't make sense for you to spend your marketing budget branding your business.

Now you are probably thinking to yourself. If branding takes so long, then how do you get results overnight?

The secret is positioning your ads correctly and uncovering the emotions of your customers. It's about as easy as flipping on your light switch. It's all in the formula. Successful marketing is a recipe.

Is branding bad? Of course not. Branding is great and we want to continue moving in that direction - just not pay for it. It's the paying for it that's bad. It's very counter-productive and is becoming increasingly difficult due to the mass segmentation of the market.

Brandscending is the building of a brand for free. It's the process by which your company carves out a clear and definitive place in the minds of the people who you're trying to reach and at the same time getting them to respond. Brandscending is about building brand and at the same time getting a return on your marketing investment immediately.

So how does brandscending work?

1. You must learn who your potential customers are and what they need most. Offer what they need. This shows you care about them.

2. You must have a unique image. Something that sets you apart from the rest. This image needs to be attached to all of your results marketing. This is how you begin to build your brand.

3. Make your customers experience fun and unique. Make it different. As people talk, your brand value becomes greater and greater.

You can't just spend some money on an empty ad and think you built a little brand equity and got your name out there. It doesn't work like that. People won't sit up and take notice when you have nothing interesting to say.

You Can't Control Word-of-Mouth Advertising

FICTION - Without a doubt this is fiction. Some of the best marketing is word-of-mouth. The best part about it - it's totally free.

Can you control it?

You bet you can. Most people think it's impossible to control but that is nonsense put into our heads by the traditional pay-per-advertise media. It's one of their biggest secrets and they don't want you to find out about it.

It's not easy. We didn't say it would be. But if done right - can pay out huge.

To control word-of-mouth you must be sensational. Sensational dealerships have seven characteristics they all share:

* Fun
* Unique
* Risk Taker
* Interested
* Visible
* Credible
* Spreadable

This type of committed marketing is not for the traditional dealership. You have to flush your mind of the old tactics and open up to this form of advertising and put your money into “smart marketing".

You must rise above the others and stand out to make word-of-mouth advertising work for you. You have to be in a category most are not in. If you are reading this article right now you are probably a good fit for this type of advertising.

Easy - no, but it's not impossible. You must position yourself as the expert in your business. Shine in your industry. People will start to talk about you. As people talk they will begin gravitating toward you and your business wanting to be a part of the excitement. Asking you for advice. Looking for answers to their challenges. Why? Because you are the obvious choice - you are the expert. As you talk to them you form emotional bonds and connections that will last through the years.

When everything comes together you will stand high above the rest and people will talk about you and do business with you.

Jimmy Vee and Travis Miller are known around the world as The Traffic Guys because of their uncanny ability to increase dealership traffic dramatically. They are world's greatest automotive marketers and the co-authors of Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers.

Learn more about attracting customers to your dealership by getting a copy of their FREE Business Exploding Toolkit which includes their Special Automotive Business Advisory For Car Dealers and Managers, a 32-page industry bulletin titled, How To Uncover The Hidden Wealth Buried In Your Dealership. To get your FREE copy visit

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