What Sales & Marketing Gurus Have Learned From Bananas


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Firstly the packaging. Without doubt it is recognizable in most places in the world. The shape never really changes. The colour can immediately provide an indication of ripeness and for ll of you kinesthetics you may want to press it just to see how ripe it really is. Lets consider shape – again some would say it should be up for design award as example of nature's packaging. As consumers it’s an easy fruit to open, no knives or anything else required. Once open the aroma is obvious as after all it is a banana. You may consider that because of it’s in built expiry indictor one glance and you know whether it is consumable or not suitable for purchase. Like other fruits it is biodegradable which for some is a further cachet. But wait lets think about the humble banana or indeed any other product no matter how enticing or interesting the packaging of the product, banana or otherwise, the question you should be asking is - how do you reach your potential customer/consumer?

Could your potential consumers/clients be turning away too soon because of crazy and preventable reasons. Retail is an interesting area to study and may have some of the answers. Face to face interactions, poor service at the retail front end or check out counter is enough to prevent consumers coming back and sometimes even completing the purchase? Today consumers are informed and have a multitude of choices. People like me are impatient and not understanding when it comes to service. The fact that I have walked out of recently because of This contributes to a negative brand experience and it seems to me that arrogant retailers should be the ones taken to task by brands - not the other way round! After all, without brands and the advertising that supports brand messages, consumers would not necessarily be shopping at their stores – remember we all have choices.

What About The Internet

With the advent of the internet so many of us thought that having a great website would be enough and soon we would be one of those internet millionaires. Unlike bananas the packaging only tells you one thing - like bananas it’s what’s inside that count. The number one issue for most companies is still driving prospects to their web sites or company. Take the test – are you getting several calls per day about your product or services? How are your leads being generated? But there is so much more you have to consider with corporate branding so my message is make sure that your brand awareness matters. Make sure that people know who and what you stand for and why they should buy from you. Make sure they understand what your brand stands for. Lastly make sure that you treat them with respect otherwise they will leave you and find something else - there will always be people wanting to rip the rug out from under your feet however with a little ingenuity and hard work your brand will become instantly recognizable.

So life could now be a peach or a banana.

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