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How to Promote Your Business


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In the following article, I try and give you some tips and advice I have learned over the years on what I learned in how to promote your business. Like the movie said, if you build it, they will come but that doesn't work in the business world.

Ever since I was in college, being my own boss was something I've always wanted to be. A computer wizard in my own right, I envisioned myself running my own business dealing with computers and the internet. I had programming skills. I could code webpages. I could easily assemble computers, as well as handle computer repairs. I could be a consultant. I could be a technical support specialist. I could be a webmaster. With these skills backing me up, I was confident I'd be able to make it.

But as dreams come, I realized that being a “computer wizard" isn't that unique nowadays, and that there are thousands of people just like me. “Computer wizards" are a dime a dozen, after all. Plus, I had one major problem: I didn't know much on promoting a business.

We all know of people enrolling for business schools. I was one of those who didn't think much of going to school, confident that my computer skills would be enough to get my business going. I was dead wrong.

We all know about the value of connections. I did have a few, and I utilized those. After all, good PR is always good for business. But as time went by, those connections became saturated. Exhausted. The income I garnered from those connections just didn't seem to make ends meet.

I read about and applied strategies shared by others. I maintained a good website. Excellent keyword optimization practices implemented, my site got a decent amount of web traffic, but that just didn't equate to having new clients.

Eventually, I realized what my problem was: my understanding on marketing my business: When it comes to promoting or marketing a business, one needs to first understand the nature of one's business, in conjunction with were the business stands.

My problem was I was playing the Major Leagues, when I was actual still in the Little League playpen. I was thinking of infiltrating a national scale, when in fact, I haven't even begun working in my own neighbourhood.

With this, I decided to go small. I went around and marketed myself as a “local". It wasn't as easy as I had thought, but it got things going. I posted flyers, attended conventions, made friends with computer sales personnel, and even went to schools and offered my services as a computer specialist.

Six months after, clients started coming in. Not as “national" as I had dreamed, but they were clients. I then realized that all I had to do was go small and establish my name from there. I was just aiming too high. Now, things are going much more steady, which is strong enough to be my foundation in my efforts in going big.

Article done by Bradley James, he has a site dedicated to business information , including small business loans


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How to Use Classifieds to Promote Your Business
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