Mortgage Marketing and Advertising: A Material Approach to Realtors

Jeffrey Nelson

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In the mortgage business, your service is intangible. A realtor cannot smell, touch or feel your service. Many loan officers struggle with this. You depend on your words to convince realtors of your worthiness. And realtors are quick to judge if they’ll even entertain the idea of getting to know you.

Have you ever heard the objection before from a realtor, “I’m happy with who I’m using now!” And worse yet, have you ever heard that objection in the first minute of an initial conversation with a realtor?

Realtors make quick judgments about loan officers and their services. The primary reason realtors are so quick to judge is because most loan officers make the same presentation. Many loan officers haven’t learned the importance of positioning, promotion and relationship building. They try to convince realtors to do business with them after only a contact or two with a prospect.

A Material Role

Your marketing materials are an extension of you. A realtor can actually read about your service, see it on paper. If you use flow charts, graphs or other strong visuals, you’re giving the reader something they can get their hands around. After reading your materials, they should have a clear picture of your service and feel some emotion – peace of mind, excitement, anticipation, etc.

Secondly, marketing materials give you a professional image. Realtors choose to do business with a person, not a company. The relationship is between the realtor and you, not between the realtor and a company. This is why you need to create your own materials.

Materials developed by your company will not convey the kind of message that epitomizes the essence of your business. You have to create them. When you invest the time to create your own mortgage marketing materials, you’ll develop a greater clarity of your service. Over time you’ll improve what you communicate to prospects and build relationships.

Finally, you need to create personalized marketing materials to use as a drip marketing campaign. Most realtors you meet are not ready to do business with you today. But you have to continue dripping value-driven messages to maintain top-of-mind-awareness. Your messages build familiarity and trust, two key ingredients to having a successful campaign.

Jeff Nelson helps loan officers increase loan originations by attracting quality relationships with real estate agents from the development of customized relationship-building strategies.

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