Mortgage Broker Marketing: What's Wrong with Your Marketing Materials

Jeffrey Nelson

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Many times mortgage broker marketing materials fail because of some simple mistakes. The most common errors found in materials include:

Feature-Focused – The content of the message is focused on you, not the prospect. For example, companies often promote their years of experience in their literature, “We have over 25 years of experience. ” This doesn’t do anything for the reader. Your messages must answer the reader’s question, “What’s in it for me?”

Use of jargon – Realtors are inundated with flyers from mortgage professionals promoting products. Realtors don’t necessarily understand what the terms mean or how it impacts them. Their job is to help people buy or sell a home, not sell mortgages.

Poor graphic layout – Most people, including realtors, are visual processors. They process information best through pictures. Most mortgage flyers look like mini rate sheets. Don’t you remember how confusing a rate sheet looked the first time you read one?

Insufficient content – Your flyers don’t include strong persuasion for a reader to take action. Many times the content barely covers any quality information leaving the reader dazed and confused.

Using materials as part of your relationship building strategy

Your goal after meeting a prospect is to maintain top-of-mind-awareness. And as you’re doing this – educating them about your services. Realtors want to feel secure that they’re dealing with a true mortgage professional who can do the job. Your materials should position you in their mind as a trusted advisor. Someone that they should seek out anytime they have a problem.

You’ll be able to use your materials to campaign in several ways:

  1. To follow up with a prospect after your initial in-person contact.

  2. To introduce you to a new referred prospect (i. e. listing agent, financial planner, etc. ).

  3. If you have a website, a place for prospects to learn more about you.

  4. For loyal clients to promote your services to other prospects.

What materials should you create?

You want to build an entire campaign that informs, educates and promotes your services. Each piece needs to answer the reader’s question, “What’s in it for me?” Your pieces should include, but not be limited to:

  • Introductory Statement

  • Description of your target audience

  • How you work with clients

  • List of services

  • A team profile

  • Probing questionnaires

  • Case studies

  • Testimonies

  • Background information about you

  • Articles, educational pieces

There is a lot of material you’re creating, but for good reason. People absorb information differently. Agents who are skeptical appreciate case studies. Agents who are expressive and talkative like the questionnaires. And agents who work with urgency and make quick decisions will appreciate your list of services and description of your targeted audience.

Jeff Nelson helps loan officers increase loan originations by attracting quality relationships with real estate agents from the development of customized relationship-building strategies.

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