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Fundamentals First Keep Your Eye on the Marketing Ball

Ron Abbott

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Throughout your business life, when a situation or challenge blindsides you and causes things to go as planned, it's always a good idea to take a step back and approach it from a new angle. This is especially true with marketing your business. The most effective way to overcome any business challenge is to focus on the fundamentals.

If you have ever played a game that involves catching or throwing a ball, you understand the concept of fundamentals. When you were learning how to play, remember how many times you heard the coach or teacher tell you, ‘keep your eye on the ball. ’ It's so simple, yet so true - you can't catch or hit a ball that you can't see.

Marketing is the exactly the same. . . the basic matter. Your business will succeed or fail because of your understanding of the fundamental principles of marketing which will make them successful. You must keep your eye on the ‘ball. '

In small business marketing, the ‘ball’ is the needs, wants and desires of the marketplace. As we will discuss later, the market is the master and they are calling the shots. What is it about what you offer that attracts them to choose you? What inherent benefit does your product or service posses that motivates them purchase from you?

To define your ‘ball’ you must answer to this question: why should they choose your product or service over your competitors? This is the starting point of all your marketing efforts!

When you successfully define what your ‘ball’ is and focus your eye on it every day, you will be able produce sales and profits consistently over the life span of your business. You will always be in tune with your market and offer them exactly what they want. They in turn will become loyal clients and customers because you are viewed as source they know and trust.

Let's return to our earlier marketing equation: your product or service, plus your relationships, plus your reputation equal your business success.

At first glance, it appears that the answer is focused on you and your actions. The truth is that the only thing you can control of these three elements is your product or service. The relationship and reputation are the result of the client's experiences with you.

It's the client who determines the value of these two elements. They possess the power to enter into the relationship with you and they also determine the quality of your reputation. Their perception is the reality.

It is in the client's mind where the purchase decision is made and where your future is controlled. It is up to you to match your offer to their wants, needs, and desires.

You need to clearly identify the reasons they buy from you. Once you identify the ‘ball’ you are playing with, you then focus all your marketing efforts on it clearly, constantly, and consistently.

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Marketing Coach Ron Abbott provides the fundamentals businesses need to create a powerful marketing system that produces results.


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