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Prospect and Referral Illuminative Marketing Strategy

Valerie VanBooven

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A Fancy Name for the Best Way to Dominate Your Local Market

By definition, the word illuminative means to enlighten, educate or clarify. Because we currently operate in an environment of misinformation, it's more important than ever to use a strategy like this to dominate your local marketplace. I give this presentation regularly to elder care and senior service providers, but it applies to anyone serving the senior market.

When it comes to marketing to seniors and their adult children about your service, there are dozens of ways to use the “Prospect and Referral Illuminative Marketing Strategy™" to gain trust, credibility, and customer loyalty.

Simply put, education is the key. How you educate your clients and referral sources is the more interesting and creative part. Are you using old tired strategies or something new, innovative, and different from all of your competitors?

There are lots of big promises out there of instant leads, prospects, and an increased bottom line for you. The real deal, however, requires commitment, consistency, real effort, follow-up, and the ability to have a little fun. The days of stuffed shirt marketing are over. The days of professionalism and expertise are still here (and more important than ever).

If perception is everything, then it's ultimately important that your marketing pieces and your message make your prospects believe that they would be absolutely crazy to do business with anyone other than YOU. To do that, you need to be perceived as the industry expert, not just the salesperson of your service! Great headlines, great copy, and great market data (in layman's terms) are essential.

Here's my formula for a great ad: I(F) E E O= $$


*Interrupt your prospects thought process with a GREAT HEADLINE.

*(Do this with Frequency) - meaning run your ad many times, not just 3 times.

*Engage your prospect with fantastic copy in your ad.

*Educate your prospect while keeping them engaged.

*Make an Offer that is interesting to your prospect. This does NOT include a FREE CONSULTATION or FREE IN-HOME Evaluation. Offer something of substance. Free audio CD, free report, free radio show CD, free personalized report, etc.

This formula applies to marketing pieces, public relations pieces, and “illuminative marketing opportunities" like senior fairs, exhibiting, seminars and speaking engagements. Rules for these “illuminative marketing opportunities" include:

1. Get noticed

2. Be memorable

3. Drive traffic to your booth or back of the room table


Contrary to popular belief, you are not going to sell your service at a senior fair. Your number one goal is to capture as much lead information as possible! There are tons of tactics that can make an event like this completely worth your time and money. If you don't know what they are, email me.

Finally, here are the rules of marketing on the internet and specifically related to your complicated website that needs a make-over . . .

1. Keep it Simple . . . . (I could go on and on about this one!)

2. Capture leads (this should be #1)

3. Networking/Relationship Building

4. Interaction

5. Webinars and Videos

6. Convert leads into sales

Your landing page should equal one request, one action, one option. No confusion.

Prospects should have zero access to anything else until you capture their information. Keep it simple! A side note here- getting the prospect to ENTER their information on your website requires a really great FREE OFFER (see above!), not “a salesman will call you" kind of stuff. Get rid of it.

Obviously there is a lot more to the “Prospect and Illuminative Marketing Strategy™" including the step-by-step “ideal client" strategy and more. I'll elaborate more in future articles. Just remember that education is the key, and HOW you educate is even more important in today's competitive and misinformed environment.

For more information and the FREE Amazing Senior Service Marketing EZINE and 5 marketing videos, visit


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