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Gloucestershire Copywriter Wanted 7 Characteristics to Look For in Your Freelance Copywriter


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You need copywriting help for your Gloucestershire business. Maybe you've got writing ability but no time to use it effectively. Or maybe you just acknowledge that copywriting isn't your top skill and you want to free-up time to get on with other pressing business tasks.

Whatever your reason for needing a copywriter, here are some characteristics to look for when choosing among copywriters in Gloucestershire (or anywhere, in fact).

1. Are they benefit-focused?
There's a big difference between features and benefits. Does your copywriter know the difference? Can they demonstrate it when you ask them about the pen or stapler on your desk? Try it; a good copywriter will make all the right noises.

2. Look for someone who prices confidently but fairly
It's tempting to squeeze price as far as you can. But does it always make sense and will a £10 per hour newbie really do as good a job as a £35 per hour pro? Choose a copywriter who is confident with their pricing and don't be miserly with someone who'll do a good job for you.

3. Will they get their hands dirty?
Is your copywriter prepared to get out on site and into workshops as they research your copy? Some writers have a natural propensity to dive in and get involved. They're the ones who won't balk at shaking the grubby hand of your workshop foreman; they're also the ones who'll really understand your business.

4. Find a copywriter who does pro bono work for good causes
Does your copywriter do voluntary writing for a charity or other good cause? It's a great sign, particularly if they also have plenty of fee work on their books. It shows that they have confidence in their ability, and sufficient fee-based work to be able to put something back.

5. Will they meet agreed deadlines and budgets?
Deadlines and budgets, as well as great writing, are at the heart of effective copywriting. Ask your copywriter about their deadline history with existing clients; observe their punctuality for your pre-contract meetings. And note how they respond to your inquiry. In return, be open about deadlines with your copywriter. Never make your writer work all weekend on the pretense of a Monday deadline when you really don't need their work until Friday. Treat your copywriter fairly and they'll repay you time after time.

6. Are they experienced?
A novice will promise a fresh approach to your copywriting. But if they're just out of college how can they possibly have the business and life experience to really understand your needs and deliver the mature copy you want? A copywriter with broad business, marketing, PR and copywriting experience is a great find, especially if they also bring specialized technical, SEO or technical authoring experience too.

7. Are they passionate about their writing?
Look for a real love of writing and a passion for the copywriter's craft. A passionate Gloucestershire copywriter writes primarily because they love doing it - and as a result they're well paid for their work. Find someone like this, pay them well and build a long-term relationship that's profitable for both of you.

Look for all of these characteristics when you are choosing your copywriter. Above all, trust your intuition: do you like them; do you trust them; do you feel chemistry when you first meet? If the answer's yes, get them writing for you and fast!

Al Hidden is a freelance copywriter based in Gloucestershire, England. His background is in technical sales, marketing management, technical writing, copywriting and PR. He specializes in technical, marketing, PR, website and SEO copywriting and copy-editing for large and small organisations in Gloucestershire and the rest of the UK.


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