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Find Out Why 99% of All Marketing Fails Immediate Ways to Increase Your Return on Investment


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The Marketing Trap - Read This to Learn How to Escape and Prosper.

One of the best kept secrets in the advertising world is that over 99% of all advertising fails.

It's a surprising statistic, but then again out of millions of UK businesses, do you really see that many in the limelight?

The sad fact is that the marketing industry doesn't care about you. It only really cares about it's profits and retaining your repeat business.

Now, don't get me wrong, when done correctly, advertising your business or services can be EXTREMELY lucrative, but there's a very fine line between success and failure, and this article is intended to turn the tables.

Here are some tips, tricks and little known facts that you can put to work right away to increase your response rates dramatically:

Headlines - Forget Them and They'll Forget You.

One of the most important aspects of an advertising campaign is the headline.

Every day, newspapers fight for sales on the shelf, and the only thing they have in their advertising toolbox as a potential customer walks along the paper aisle is their headlines, so they have to have IMPACT, or that split second decision by the customer will lose them a sale. Maybe even a long term reader - so make sure you stand out.

Make Your Headlines Slightly Off-the-wall.

Wacky headlines attract interest. Often you will read a headline that sounds outrageous and when you get to reading the article, you will be able to recognize that it has something to do with the headline, but it's an exaggeration of content.

Create Interest. . .

If you are reading this and are beginning to see the signs of a list, then you'd be right. These steps provide the basis of a good advertisement, but one of the most important things to remember is that this list is a FORMULA and the goal is to get your potential customers to perform an action at the end.

Creating an interest in your product comes right after the title and is often the exact point at which a potential customer decides whether they are going to READ ON or MOVE ON.

The Single Most Powerful Word:

The single most powerful word is YOU. The word “You" is one of the most underestimated tools when it comes to writing an ad that generates sales.

Using the word YOU within the first few lines immediately engages the reader in a personal conversation, and is very effective, especially when the lines that follow explain to them just how the product you are offering is going to change their lives for the better, make things easier, or solve a problem they are having.

Would you be interested in finding out more about an offer like that?

Creating Desire

List exactly how your product or services are going to make a big positive impact for them. This may include substantially decreasing their workload, providing ultimate convenience etc.

Make them WANT what you HAVE. This is the place where you PRE-SELL your product by creating desire.


Fear is a very powerful emotion and an essential element to successful advertising.

No one likes to be scammed or buy into a product that will give them negative results and cause frustration, inconvenience or financial loss.

Use specific examples to highlight this, and reinforce the dangers they face if they go elsewhere.

Call to Action!

It doesn't matter how good the rest of you're ad is if you don't make it easy for your prospect to move forward, and make a decision to act now in response to your advert. If they don't act immediately, more than likely they will forget to act later, resulting in a lost prospect and potential customer.

People like to be guided through what they need to do in order for them to respond. Responses might include, ordering a brochure, leaflet, information pack or placing an order.

Simplicity is the key - Any complications during this stage will cause a reader to turn the page of the paper, to move on to the next ad, or to click the back button on their browser.

Have you ever found yourself moving on due to frustration? It's surprisingly common, and even more surprisingly neglected in terms of ad writing.

Last But Definitely Not Least - Are You Tracking Your Ads?

Tracking your ads is essential to your advertising success and allows you to weed out the ads that are losing you money, and replace them with the ones that will make you money.

This also applies to tracking your ad location. Sometimes ads won't succeed in certain publications at all, so it's important to know where your advertising budget is best spent.

This testing stage is essential to improve, gauge and refine your response and is the ONLY way you can KNOW HOW to transform you campaign(s) from failure to success - It's an indirect customer feedback, so make sure you listen to it.

One way of finding out which ads are performing and which ones are costing you dearly is to allocate specific numbers to differing ads, or for the same ad in different publications. This will let you know in real time, which ones you should be concentrating on and which ones you should be dropping or changing.

Conventionally this was expensive and would require complicated measures to perform successfully, often including the purchase of PBX (switchboard) hardware. offer a FREE 0844 Number and Virtual Switchboard Service to manage your inbound telephony and track your marketing by assigning different numbers to ads and viewing your stats online in real time.

To find out more about how you can track your marketing and for more information, visit our business telephone services page.

Luke Carter is an Established Entrepreneur and Marketer, Involved in High Impact Advertising, Company Transformation, and Growth.

To find out more about his associated work, with relevance to this article, please visit:


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