Why Having A Niche Automatically Boosts Your Credibility


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Yes, yes, we've heard it all before. . . loads of life coaches, consultants and therapists are struggling to make a decent living but still stick at it because they love their job.

Want to know why nearly every coach or consultant out there will always struggle?

. . if you're one of them then you're not going to like this one little bit. . .

It's a lack of CREDIBILITY

BUT before you hit the DELETE key just bear with me. . .

This lack of CREDIBILITY has a cause. . .

lack of FOCUS.

If I have a particular thing I'd like to improve in my life or business, wrongly or rightly, I will seek out and trust the advice of a SPECIALIST over a GENERALIST any day of the week.

And that's the problem - LIFE, MARKETING and BUSINESS - is just too general.

If you want to become truly attractive and have CREDIBILITY you need to stand for something. If you're a generic life coach then know this. People want to be able to turn to someone for a SPECIFIC area of LIFE - this could be relationships, health, wealth etc.

The same is true if you're a generic business or marketing consultant. People want to find the person who can help them with a SPECIFIC challenge unique to their BUSINESS. You could choose a niche based on a situation - say Legalised Tax Dodging, Setting Up Automated Business Systems, Getting People Working Harder, Cutting Marketing Costs etc. or you could focus on a particular business-type such as - Solo Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Manufacturing Companies, Coaches, Speakers etc.

So ditch the shopping list right now - you can't be the best at everything - and even if you are no-one will believe you. Choose to be the best (or look the best) at ONE thing. Because as soon as you focus, your CREDIBILITY will skyrocket. You'll have instant ATTRACTION just by getting clear about who you are, what you do and who you do it for.

Let me introduce Mollie McDonald

She has a fun, rewarding job and makes all the money she needs. She gets to add value and improve people's lives every day. She loves her job and I'd hazard a guess that she gets as much, if not more, satisfaction than any Life Coach does from her work.

And yes. . . she gets to coach, cajole, support and work with inspired clients who want to make a change in exactly the same manner.

Is she doing anything drastically different to all the Life Coaches who are struggling? I know she's not!

But she has done ONE thing differently. She's tapped into a profitable niche and provided a solution to a genuine gap in a considerably HUGE marketplace. In fact 90% of New Year's Resolutions lead into this one niche perfectly.

Mollie is a slimming coach. She reveals how she does it here. . . http://www.bookshaker.com/product_info.php?products_id=60

Finally, 4 top tips for finding your niche. . .

1. “Me Too" businesses are never in as high demand as unique specialists

2. Would you trust your GP (General Doctor) to do brain surgery or would you prefer to be in the hands of a brain specialist?

3. People don't buy coaching/consulting etc. - they buy the solution. What's their big challenge and what's your solution?

4. When you get VERY focused on solutions to problems - you'll be able to make a strong “Targeted Promise". The result? People will seek you out!

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