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Persuasive Copy - Create Compelling Ads That Generate Leads and Profit

Jan Verhoeff

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Generating compelling ad copy means you know what you're selling, you have a well targeted market, and you write tight information packed copy. Without these key points, your copy may not have the desired effect. The process of adding persuasive copy includes some specific steps that will keep your writing progressive and in active motion.

Let's get started:

Know Your Product

This simple concept is easy to achieve. If you're marketing a product, you must use the product. Often a writer will attempt to write about a product they don't use. BIG mistake! You must use the product or service you're selling. Research may give you a basic understanding of the product, but your ability to write buyer-impacting copy comes from personal experience with the product. Use the product!

This applies also to services and people whom you may attempt to market. Know your source and marketing the product, service, or person will be easier.

Target Your Market

New offers inundate the general public on any given day. Your product will meet the specific needs of only one specific well-targeted market, so why overwhelm the world when you can only sell to some of the people. Know who needs your product. When you understand the specific group of people who will want to buy your product, services, or presentation, you'll know how to sell to them. Market specifically to those people and your product will sell.

The most effective way to market to a specific group of people is to put your ads where they go. If your targeted market doesn't read Cosmo - WHY put your ads there?

Tighten Your Copy

Write it down and look it over. Are there extra words in there? Can you delete some of those thoughts and still have a quality article? Cut out the excess thoughts and keep the valuable information. Give your readers what they need and cut the junk. No, they don't need to know your shoe size on page seven, it's enough to know you have big feet and experience with wearing shoes to sell sports shoes. Try putting in the facts and moving on from there.

Limit the number of words you keep in an article or ad. After you're done reviewing everything, cut twenty more words. It's easy! Look for the words: that, just, the, a, very, and in. If they can be cut or changed, use better words or just cut them out.

Whether you're creating your own copy or writing copy for a paying client, you'll want to know how to put the words into effective use and persuade the customers to buy. It's easy when you use the best words for the job.

Jan Verhoeff creates powerful copy that generates leads and profit. You too can learn how to market your products with compelling ads at with a FREE E-Course “Writing For Profit".


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