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From television programs and commercials to the Internet, multimedia and movies, animation adds a lasting impact on the production. Needless to say, if a design firm has the requisite skills and manpower to work on a host of animation subjects and software, it is sure to breathe new life to online business communications. From a simple logo animation to textual effects, character animations, digital walkthroughs and game development, 2D/3D animations have been employed in the most realistic ways, thereby capturing viewers’ interests like no other medium has ever been able to do.

Standard animation services include character development, visual effects, commercials architecture, product shots, corporate demos, walkthroughs, 2D animations, logo animations, illustrations, cartooning, among others.

CD-ROM Presentations/corporate presentations:

Corporate and marketing demos have come a long way from the days of insipid PowerPoint slide presentations and bland charts and graphs. High-end multimedia presentations, both online and offline, project the core competencies of a client company, along with effective, client-friendly lines of communication, deep understanding of the medium and highly creative approach. From corporate presentations to CBT Materials, product demos, touchscreen kiosks, 2D/3D animations and Curtain Raiser Movies, multimedia services cover a huge spectrum of client requirements, keeping in tandem with the advent of newer technologies.

Various features of these creative solutions:

-Intelligent combination of sound, videos and stills

-Capability of converting the exact client requirements to concise emphatic presentations

-Quick turn around time

Besides, with eye-catching animations, attractive screen and content structure, animation companies create touchscreen presentations that both educate and enthrall.

And when you’re speaking about e-catalogues/CD catalogues, they are most likely to beat printed brochures in the competition, as they can be updated in the lowest of time and highly cost effectively. Acting as a comprehensive digital brochure, they provide product specification complete with images, purchase details and other corporate information.

Cumulatively, these work as artistically crafted advertising designs/creative solutions for a huge spectrum of vertical markets across the globe, with sublime, eternal features that can only be compared to a finely crafted poem.

Lopa Bhattacharya is a content writer/developer working on websites for overseas/Indian clientele. Has worked for various corporate website projects, CD-Rom presentations, brochures, flyers and other communication materials on varied themes ranging from travel, hotel industry, photography, web design and software development to US-based clubs and network communities. Was previously an editorial associate for a news, culture and entertainment portal based on the life and times of Kolkata.


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