Loan Officer Marketing: How to Build Magnetic Campaigns

Jeffrey Nelson

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Keeping your name visible by advertising consistently generates awareness. Getting quoted in the media creates publicity. Making guest appearances at real estate offices and at networking events builds confidence with prospects.

And when you combine the different elements, you have the power of an integrated campaign that presents a consistent image for your prospects and clients.

It’s from integrated campaigns that generate magnetism, meaning the messages you’re sending real estate agents help draw them toward your services.

The structure of an integrated campaign relies on three components: communication channels, reach & frequency and most wanted response.

Communication Channels

A channel is the path used to transmit the message. Campaigns depend on various channels of communication to transfer information. An integrated campaign uses multiple channels simultaneously.

Channels include electronic, direct communication, and media. As a rule, select channels and sub-channels that your targeted audience uses regularly. Presenting your message in a format that your target audience is already reading can increase the probability of your item being read.

Electronic Channel

In a multi-channel world, communication has become increasingly complex and technology based. For example, the electronic channel uses email, fax, telephone and web sites to transport messages from you to your targeted audience.

Email provides a direct communication channel, rather than a broadcast channel. Fax transmission is a physical communication medium, and has a more official aspect than email. An agent-focused web site, if you place submission forms, online support, newsletters and visual impact on it, is a web-based communication channel.

Direct Communication

A channel that can only transmit a message to one person at a time is considered a direct communication channel. It permits interactivity, the opportunity for both you and the Agent to respond and react. In a personal communication channel, you and the prospect communicate directly with each other over the telephone or in person.


Refers to the entire set of channels through which it is possible to transmit messages to some Agents or an entire group. The channel can take the form of broadcast, like TV and radio, print, such as newspapers, magazines and direct mail, display media includes billboards, signs and posters.

Channel Mix

As a guide, use these questions to determine which channels would be most appropriate for your integrated campaign. Ask yourself the following:

  1. Which channels will allow me to communicate to the greatest number of my targeted audience?
  2. Which channels can I afford?
  3. Which channels complement my personal brand and position?
  4. Which channels are likely to show a positive return on investment?

Reach & Frequency

Since many Agents you meet today aren’t ready to do business with you, an integrated campaign provides regular, scheduled contact to develop familiarity and trust. Reach and frequency keep your position fresh in your prospect’s mind so that they call you instinctively when they need your help. Reach is the number of Agents you expose to your campaign and frequency is the number of times you touch each Agent with it.

When determining reach and frequency, follow these two questions:

  • Reach – How many targeted Agents must see, read, or hear my campaign during a specified time frame?
  • Frequency - How often should they be exposed to the campaign during this period?

Most Wanted Response

Your most wanted response (MWR) is the same as a call-to-action. It’s when an Agent, who’s exposed to your campaign, is told within the context of a message to do something specific, such as, “Call today, ” or “Act now!”

In crafting your MWR ask the following:

  • Does it clearly identify exactly what prospects are to do?
    Are they learning more about a problem? Watching a demo? Viewing a comparison chart? Let them know upfront what you want so they can determine if it's something they want.
  • Is the MWR action-oriented?
    You'd be surprised at the difference in response, in the electronic communication channel, between “Learn How" and “Learn Now. " Given the interactive nature of the medium, an active voice will boost your MWR.
  • Can the prospect easily find your MWR?
    Make sure that it’s glaringly obvious and doesn’t get lost in the design of your message. You wouldn’t want a prospect becoming emotionally involved with a message and missing their instructions for further steps to take.

The idea of your MWR is to broadcast a marketing message and encourage potential Agents to act on that message while it is still fresh in their mind.

Shock and Awe

Integrated campaigning is a systematic strategy that combines all aspects of your marketing and helps you to present a consistent image to your prospects. By establishing consistency using different communication channels, high reach and frequency, and a deliberate most wanted response, you can generate magnetism that delivers a steady line of Agents at your door seeking assistance.

Jeff Nelson helps loan officers increase loan originations by attracting quality relationships with real estate agents from the development of customized relationship-building strategies.

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